Disability Rights

Civil Rights for those who Experience Disability

Disability History Exhibit

Have you seen the Disability History Exhibit in person? It is often displayed on campus during the Civil Rights Month celebrations.


disability exhibit

The disability history exhibit chronicles 3,500 years of seldom-told history. The treatment of people with disabilities is approached from multiple angles including a moral, medical, and social perspective.

Disability Rights Movement Videos

Watch the brief videos in this playlist, then cosider: How is the Disability Rights Movement related to broader Civil Rights movements? Are there important steps we haven't taken yet? What can you do to get involved in making the situation better?

Additional resources include:

It's Our Story
Museum of DisAbility History
UC Berkley's site on the Independent Living and Disability Rights Movements 

The black and white photos on this page are provided courtesy of Tom Olin. They document the Disability Rights Movement which is rooted in the Civil Rights Movement. The history is rich and interesting to investigate.