Accommodation Requests

Student Accommodation Requests

Login to AIM

Please make an appointment with the DSS Director or Coordinator to establish eligibility for using departmental services.  Once eligibility has been determined, students request a temporary username and password from DSS to login to the DSS Online System. 

Disability Support Services at UAA uses an online accommodation management system.  Students login to request the specific accommodation needed for each class, each semester.  Notification to faculty can occur by email or hard copy. 

Each Semester, students login to the DSS Online System to make their specific requests.

  • Enter Course Reference Numbers for each class
  • Select the adjustments that are needed
  • Submit for faculty notification
  • Come back to schedule all quizzes, tests, and exams for the semester as soon as you receive your various syllabi.

 Students can request DSS Online System orientation from DSS staff OR View the following Video Tutorial instructions for students:

DSS Online Accommodation System Instructional Videos:

Log In and Change Username and Password

Change Profile Information and Check Availability

Request Course Accommodations

Request Alternate Format Books


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