Federal Direct Student Loans at UAA

What are "Federal Direct Student Loans"?

  • Federal Direct Loans allow students and some parents to borrow money to help pay for educationally related expenses through loan programs supported by the federal government. Students that are eligible for a Federal Direct Loan will have it offered on their award letter. They will then have the opportunity to accept or decline all or part of the loan via UAOnline, as outlined on the Financial Aid Checklist.
  • We recommend students maximize all grant and scholarship options before borrowing student loans. We also recommend only borrowing what is absolutely needed to cover the cost of education. For assistance with budgeting and student loan repayment, please visit our Loan Zone Website and consider making an appointment with our Financial Literacy Coordinator.
  • For more information on the following Federal Direct Loans offered to eligible UAA students, visit UAA's Federal Student Loan website

Follow the links below to learn more about each type of federal loan:

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