Financial Literacy Resources

I want to be smart with my money - Where do I start??


There's TONS of financial literacy information waiting for you online.  Below you'll find a list of some of our favorite resources on the core Savvy Seawolf themes of budgeting, understanding credit, and student loans. We also have additional general money management links too.  If you have a favorite site you don't see listed, send us an email and we'll add it to the list!

*UAA does not receive any direct benefit from recommending these resources and does not directly endorse any paid services on these sites


See the table below for a list of budgeting apps for use on tablets and smartphones:

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Understanding Credit

  • - Request a free copy of your credit report every 12 months
  • CreditSoup - Information and explanations on credit and what types of things good or bad credit affects

Learn more about Savvy "CREDIT" advice, including busting COMMON CREDIT MYTHS!link to uaa savvy seawolf credit score page

Student Loans

  • National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) - The U.S. Department of Education's database for federal loans and grant - you can complete Exit Counseling, find your loan servicer, and much more
  • - An informational resource for federal student loans, with a student loan glossary, FAQs, and loan repayment calculator

Learn more about Savvy "STUDENT LOAN" advice, including understanding your RIGHTS!link to uaa savvy seawolf student loan page

General Money Management

  • UAA Career Exploration & Services —Infomation about preparing for your future, by providing stuents and alumni free resources to explore and pursue career aspirations
  • - Financial Literacy - Offering a wide variety of short lessons in Financial Literacy topics
  • Nerd Wallet Cost of Living Calculator—Want to see how much more/less it will cost to live in a city when you graduate? Check out this calculator.
  • Kahn Academy Better Money Habits - Providing well-produced personal finance lessons on any topic you can think of - a great tool for those that are visual learners
  • Mint—Tool to help you to see where your money goes and keep track of your budget
  • Feed the Pig—Providing tips and interactive tools to remind you to feed that piggy bank
  • Council of Graduate Schools—Offering research, data, and links to information regarding financial literacy geared towards students admitted in a graduate degree program.
  • Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) - An abundance of resources specifically for college students and educates viewers how government regulations are in place to protect you
  • NACE Salary Calculator—Get a good understanding as to how much money you can expect to make after you graduate based on your location, experience, and education (remember that you should be looking at the starting salary, and not the median or the top)
  • The Calculator Site - Lots of calculation tools to help you stay on track or predict costs, including savings, credit card payments and loan repayment
  • MoneyGeek - Financial tips and tools, including a whole section on Education (under the "more" menu on the right)
  • WalletLiteracy QUIZ! - How much do you know about financial literacy?  Take this quiz from WalletHub, and see which Savvy Seawolf workshops you might need to attend!