$avvy $eawolf Workshop FAQ's


$avvy $eawolf – Financial Literacy @ UAA

What is the purpose of the $avvy $eawolf – Financial Literacy @ UAA workshops?

UAA wants you to be in charge of your finances and your financial future! Through these interactive financial literacy workshops, we hope to help you become more savvy with your finances and make smarter choices with your money. Awareness is key to ensuring a healthy financial future. Attending our workshops is the first step.

What is the $avvy $eawolf $eries?

The goal of the $avvy $eawolf $eries is to educate and engage UAA students in the core topics of financial literacy. The $eries consists of 3 workshops titled Stretching Your Dollar, Credit…the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, and The Loan Zone. The topics of budget, credit and loans are the foundation of our financial literacy initiative on which we hope to build up your base of financial awareness and knowledge. Eligible students who attend one of our $eries workshops will have a chance at a UAA Administration Scholarship! Eligible students who complete the $eries by attending all three workshops (one of each topic) will have a chance at an even larger $eries Completion UAA Administration Scholarship!

Where can I find a schedule of dates, times and locations of the workshops?

The $avvy $eawolf $eries workshops will be offered at a variety of times and locations throughout the semester. Please check out our Financial Literacy Calender for more information.

Will there be other workshops besides the $eries?

We offer several targeted workshops throughout the year, including loans for new students and loans for graduates. We also try to offer different workshop topics of interest, often suggested by students.  Workshops we’ve had in previous semesters include topics such as home buying, taxes and investing.  Check out our Financial Literacy Calendar for our current offerings, which change slightly every semester.


The $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship


What are the eligibility requirements for the $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship?

Consideration for a $avvy $eawolf Administrative Scholarship requires...

  1. Admission into a degree or certificate program

  2. Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)

  3. A minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 2.5 or graduate GPA of 3.0

  4. Room in your student cost of attendance budget

  5. Completed current FAFSA


If I already received a $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship (previously called a "Tuition Award") for an individual workshop in a previous semester, am I still eligible?

If you received a $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship for attending a single workshop in a previous semester, you could still be eligible to receive a UAA Administration Scholarships for a different $eries workshop topic in a future semester. For example, if you received a $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship for attending a budget workshop last semester, you could be eligible to receive a $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship for attending a credit or loan workshop this semester.


If I attended two of the three $eries workshops last semester, could I receive the $eries Completion Administration Scholarship by attending the third one this semester?

Eligibility for the $avvy $eawolf $eries Completion Administration Scholarship does not carry across semesters; you can only receive the $eries Completion UAA Administration Scholarship if you attend one of each of the three workshops during a given semester. For example, if you attended the budget and loan workshops last semester, you cannot receive a $eries Completion Administration Scholarship this semester just by attending a credit workshop – you must go to all three workshops during one semester to be eligible for the $eries Completion scholarship.


If I have received the $eries Completion Administration Scholarship, am I still eligible for another $eries Completion scholarship or individual $avvy $eawolf Administration Scholarship in future semesters?

 If you have received the $eries Completion UAA Administration Scholarship, you are ineligible for another $eries Completion award and for individual $eries workshop UAA Administration Scholarships. The $eries completion scholarship does not, however, affect eligibility for $avvy $eawolf workshops that are not part of the $eries, such as the additional topics offered during Financial Literacy Month, etc.


Who can I contact if I have questions?

For any other questions, contact Laura Zamborsky.