Evaluation & Enrollment Status

Frequency of Evaluation

UAA evaluates SAP at the end of each semester after grades are posted. Students are evaluated to determine their financial aid eligibility for the upcoming semester.

Every student who receives financial aid must be making SAP, regardless of whether they are a first-time applicant or have received financial aid in the past. First-time freshman with no prior post-secondary coursework are presumed to be meeting the SAP standards for their first semester of enrollment and will be eligible for financial aid.


Enrollment Status

SAP evaluations are based on the student’s enrollment status.  Undergraduate students will have only undergraduate coursework counted in their SAP evaluation.  Similarly, graduate students will have only graduate coursework counted in their SAP evaluation.



Shortly after SAP is evaluated, Financial Assistance staff will notify students who fail to meet the minimum SAP standards. Staff will inform students via email to their preferred email address that they have been placed on financial aid warning or financial aid suspension. SAP is evaluated for each student within the UA system regardless of whether they are using financial aid or not.

SAP status can also be found on UAOnline under the "Financial Aid" tab under "Eligibility".