Seawolf Advisory!

This morning, our Facilities and Campus Services team was made aware of a pothole that shut down the westbound lanes of Northern Lights Boulevard between UAA Drive and Career Center Drive. It has since been upgraded to a sinkhole, and the lanes will remain closed for an undetermined amount of time while crews repair the damage. We anticipate the closure will extend through the week.

Finals week is a very stressful time for students. Students, please know that your professors have been made aware of the situation. Please communicate with them any delays you may experience due to this issue. We know this is an unexpected traffic challenge. Please take a deep breath. We want you to have a smooth and safe finals week.

What does my SAP status mean?

A student's SAP status notes whether a student is in compliance with the minimum Student Academic Progress requirements.

To view your SAP status...

1.      Go to UAOnline,

2.      Click on the Financial Aid tab,

3.      Select UAA,

4.      Select Financial Aid Status,

5.      Select the appropriate academic year. 

6.      Review your overall financial aid status.  Your SAP (academic progress) status will be listed.


What does my SAP status mean?




The student is meeting all SAP standards and is eligible to receive financial aid.

125% Early Alert


The student is meeting all SAP standards and is eligible to receive financial aid. This is an informational status to advise students they are approaching the 150% maximum timeframe for their primary degree program.


Yellow Light

The student has been placed on financial aid warning for one semester after they failed to meet the GPA and/or the cumulative completion rate standards. This warning status allows students to receive financial aid for one additional semester of enrollment without need for appeal or any other action. This gives students an opportunity to rectify their academic progress for the next semester. Students must meet ALL SAP standards by the end of the warning term or have financial aid eligibility suspended.


Red Light

The student has been suspended from receiving financial aid if they did not meet the GPA or cumulative completion rate by the end of their warning semester. The student may have also been suspended for failing to complete their program by the established maximum timeframe. Students on financial aid suspension are ineligible for federal, state, and institutional aid. The financial aid suspension affects only financial aid and does not prevent a student from enrolling and paying for classes on their own. Suspension will persist until the student either reinstates their eligibility or successfully appeals for an exception to policy.


Yellow Light

The student was on financial aid suspension but successfully appealed. Students on probation are eligible for financial aid disbursements but must meet the requirements of their academic plan and the conditions of their appeal until they can reinstate their eligibility. Students who fail to meet the requirements of their academic plan or the conditions of their appeal will be placed back on financial aid suspension.

For information about the SAP appeal process, click the button below.

SAP Appeal Information