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Learn to Manage Your Own Money - Become a Savvy Seawolf!

UAA is taking a practical approach to addressing the financial challenges faced by many UAA students. We're determined to help you become a SAVVY SEAWOLF when it comes to managing your money and college funding options. Attend our workshops, which are designed to help you increase your financial literacy, which essentially means "learn more about MONEY"! 

* Essential knowledge every UAA student needs to know: What is a SEAWOLF ("Gonakadet" in Tlingit language)

Workshops will help students gain essential knowledge:

Before you begin attending UAA, you may need help learning about financial aid and how to apply for the various types of funding. We've put together a comprehensive list of videos and workshops to help you when you're just learning to navigate the process. 

Online YouTube Tutorials Created by UAA Financial Aid Office Employees:

  • Create your Federal Student Aid (FSA) ID - Instructions to create your FSA ID which is used to sign the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, Apply for Federal Direct Student Loans, and Access Federal Student Loan Repayment Status
  • Using the IRS Data Retrieval Tool - Instructions on how to import student and parent tax information directly from the IRS website during the FAFSA application process. Importing your taxes reduces the chance of making mistakes and makes responding the FAFSA Verification process if selected.
  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) *Remember if you're planning to attend UAA in the Fall 2021 (AUG), Spring 2022 (JAN) or Summer 2022 (MAY) semesters, you'll need to complete the 2021-2022 FAFSA. If attending in the Fall 2022 or Spring 2023 semesters, you'll also need to complete the 2022-2023 FAFSA. 
  • Howl Day's Financial Aid Presentation

Online YouTube Videos Created by our UAA Partners:


Now that you've enrolled and begun attending UAA, you may need help learning how to stretch your financial aid to cover all of your expenses, apply for additional types of aid or what to do to remain in compliance and remain eligible for future disbursements. We've put together a series of comprehensive workshops to help you stay on track.

Video Tutorials Currently Available: Text transcripts are available by selecting the "CC" button when viewing the videos.

Regular in-person or online workshop topics will include: 

  • "Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements"
  • "UAA Scholarship Portal"
  • "Student Loans 101"
  • “Budgeting 101” 

Congratulations, you're GRADUATING! Now that you're closing in on your graduation from a UAA program, you may need help learning how to begin repaying your student loans or using forgiveness, deferment, or forbearance options, so that you remain in good standing financially with federal and private student loan lenders. We've put together a series of comprehensive workshops to help you stay on track. We're also hoping to bring you a session on transitioning from using financial aid as an undergraduate student into aid available to graduate students.

Regular workshop topics will include:

  • "Repaying Student Loans"
  • "Transitioning From an Undergraduate Student to a Graduate Student Using Financial Aid"
  • “Budgeting 101”


Savvy Seawolf Workshop Calendar


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  • Special Topic Sessions
    Special topic sessions taught by guest speakers will occasionally be offered during the academic year on the following topics: 
    • Credit cards/credit scores
    • Saving & Investing
    • Identity theft and applying for private scholarships 
    • Understanding insurance
    • Transportation & housing
    • Federal taxes
    • Goal-setting