Attending summer and need financial aid?

Many students are unaware that Financial Aid is available for the summer semester. As part of the Stay on Track campaign, many students take coursework during the Summer to accelerate their progress to reach graduation or completion goals sooner.

Summer Financial Aid - Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Q: How do I apply for Summer Aid?
    A: Easy Steps to apply for Summer Financial Aid:
    1. Submit a FAFSA for the appropriate year at, if you haven't already.
    2. Finalize your registration and Summer enrollment. We determine eligibility based on your enrollment. For Summer, full-time is still considered 12 credits.
    3. Submit a Summer Revision Request Form located on our forms page; if you need to borrow Federal Student Loans.
  • Q: What if I don't want any loans and wish to use Federal PELL grant money only?
    A: The Federal Pell Grant is automatically awarded to Pell eligible students that have funds remaining in the current academic year. Students that wish to use Federal Pell Grant funding from the upcoming academic year should use a Summer Revision Request Form to do so. **Note: Using upcoming academic year Federal Pell Grant funds in the Summer will limit the amount of funding available for the rest of the subsequent academic year. This option is highly recommended if you are graduating in either Summer or Fall, or know you will be attending less than full-time in either Fall or Spring of the upcoming academic year.
  • Q: When is the last day I can fill out  a FAFSA for the current award year?
    A: The last day you can fill out the current award year FAFSA is on June 30th.
  • Q: What other options are available for Summer assistance if I have already used my yearly aggregate amount of Federal Stafford Loans and Federal PELL Grant money?
    A: Alternative Loans
    Students have the option of borrowing a private, alternative loan during the academic year. Students who have exhausted their Federal Loan Eligibility for the year or need assistance covering additional costs for their studies; such as aviation flight costs or study abroad costs, may apply for alternative loan monies, to help supplement their award package. Alternative loans traditionally have a higher interest rate so you should consider all other possible resources before deciding on this option. Always borrow wisely and only what you need!
  • Q: Can I use my Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) in the Summer?
    A: Summer APS is available to those eligible students who have not yet been paid two disbursements of APS in the current award year. Summer APS is subject to the same continuing eligibility requirements as Fall or Spring. Disbursements would be counted towards the student's total of 8 disbursements. Please submit a Summer Revision form to request remaining APS funds during the Summer.
  • Q: If I add more classes after the add/drop deadline census date will I be able to get more money?
    A: For grants like the Federal Pell Grant, SEOG, the UA Grant, your eligibility is determined based on enrollment as of the "census date". Any classes added after that date will not increase grant eligibility. Loans require a student to be in at least half-time enrollment status. If you have started off as less than half-time and were not eligible for loans, but add a class after the census date, you may be eligible to receive loan money if you maintain eligibility for that award year.

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