Financial Aid Award and Bill

Contact via Phone and Email: Closed to In-person Traffic

The Financial Aid Office is temporarily closed to walk-in traffic due to statewide and local measures to contain the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). The call center is operational and staff are available to take your call Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Once restrictions have lifted, our office will be located in the new Enrollment Services Center on the UAA main campus.

Award & Eligibility Conditions

The process of applying for financial aid and using it to pay your tuition bill may be easier than expected. For more information regarding financial aid policies UAA Office of Financial Aid adheres to, visit:

Accepting Your Awards

Students do not need to accept free money, also known as "gift aid," like grants and scholarships but in order for UAA to process student loans, students must accept loan offers on UAOnline. If offers are not accepted within 30 days, the award may be cancelled. Accepting the award offer and/or receiving the funds constitutes accepting the responsibility to comply with the eligibility requirements of the award(s). Get detailed instructions on how to accept awards on the Financial Aid Checklist.

Students may make changes to accepted or declined in UAOnline by submitting a Revision Request form. All forms can be found online on the UAA Office of Financial Aid Forms page. All awards are contingent upon sufficient appropriation of funds and fulfillment of their terms and conditions.>

Alternate Enrollment

There are many options available for attending UAA. Many students take courses at other UA campuses, Study Abroad, National Student Exchange, etc. Students are funded by the University to which they are admitted (UAA, UAF, UAS). Funding for UAA students who take classes at other UA campuses is automatic. If planning on participating in an eligible study abroad or exchange program, contact Financial Aid as soon as possible to provide information on published costs and dates of attendance along with the Alternative Studies Budget Adjustment Form.

Attendance Requirements

Avoid repaying! For students who totally withdraw or stop attending classes before completing 60% of the term, a portion of the total aid received, excluding Federal Work Study earnings, must be repaid. Students will be notified within 30 days of their official withdrawal date regarding how much owed. Students who do not officially withdraw but fail all classes will be assessed on the 50% point of the semester or documented last date of attendance, if one is provided by faculty.

Changes in Classification

The award and disbursement of financial aid is based on classification (undergraduate or graduate), residency and housing status as indicated on the FAFSA. To avoid unanticipated delays or having to repay funds already disbursed, notify the Office of Financial Aid of any corrections or changes to this information immediately.

Degree-seeking Status

Financial aid is available only to students enrolled in eligible degree-seeking programs. Not all certificates are eligible programs.

Most scholarship and grant funds are only available to undergraduate students pursuing their first baccalaureate degree. If you complete a program and plan to continue on in another, you must reapply for admission to be eligible for aid. For example, if you complete your AA program in the Fall and plan to continue on in a Bachelor’s program in the spring, you must apply for admission to the Bachelor’s program by the spring application deadline. Only coursework applicable to your degree program is eligible for financial aid. 

Delaying Your Start

Students packaged for fall and spring semesters but who do not enroll in fall may have their aid cancelled. To prevent cancellation, inform Financial Aid, in writing, of intent to enroll in spring.

Enrollment Requirements

Many financial aid awards require at least half-time attendance, others require full-time attendance. Full-time attendance is defined as 12 credits for undergraduate programs and 9 credits for graduate programs. Half-time is 6 credits for undergraduates and 5 credits for graduate. Enrollment status for Grants, Tuition Awards, and some Scholarships are determined on the last day of the add/drop period as defined in the course schedule. 

The Federal Pell Grant is offered on the award letter based on full-time enrollment status. Pell Grants will be prorated based on actual enrollment if enrolled less than 12 credits. As of July 1, 2012 students can only receive 12 full-time equivalent payments of Pell throughout their lifetime.

Enrollment Changes

All initial financial aid awards are based on full-time enrollment (if not registered) and actual enrollment (if registered).

Final grant and scholarship calculations for each semester are made at the end of the add/drop period. Payment will be based on your credit load at that time. Adding a class after the add/drop deadline may not result in additional funds, so it is important to check with the UAA Office of Financial Aid before making add/drop decisions.

*For the summer semester, the end of the first add/drop is used to determine final summer enrollment. If an initial award arrives after you have already withdrawn from a class(es), payment will match current enrollment. 

If you change/reduce your enrollment after financial aid disbursement has occurred for a given semester, you will be responsible for all overpayments that are the result of your credit load reduction or change. Any credit balance of loans that exist as a result of an approved "Petition for Refund" or from dropping below half-time enrollment will be returned without student authorization to reduce student loan debt.

Financial Aid Notifications

The Office of Financial Aid sends all communications to UAA preferred email addresses or via roamesg viewable on UAOnline. The student are responsible for monitoring their email account and UAOnline.

Outside Resources

Aid received from outside sources not listed on the Award Notice, such as scholarships, tuition awards, third party payments, etc. must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid immediately. The award offer may need to be revised as a result. Check UAOnline for revisions. Failure to do so could result in having to repay funds already disbursed.

Purchasing Books

Students attending the Anchorage campus can complete a Financial Aid Authorization Form to have excess financial aid applied to their Wolfcard to purchase books at UAA's bookstore, or may charge their books to their student account if eligible. Students attending other campuses must contact the campus for specific information on how to purchase books.

Special Circumstances

Students with unusual family circumstances or who have experienced a significant change in income may be eligible for either a dependency or income override. Please review the policies page to see if your circumstances meet the criteria.

Update Your Information

To ensure receipt of important information regarding financial aid, make sure local mailing address and phone numbers are current in UAOnline. UAA students currently registered for classes are eligible for a free UAA email account. Instructions on how to access this account can be found on the IT services website.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Students who are eligible for financial aid will have their federal and institutional aid applied directly to their tuition and fee bill as early as 10 days prior to the first day of classes.

Alaska Education Grants (AEG) and private scholarship checks are applied to the bill after the end of the add/drop period (i.e. the third week of class), right before the payment deadline.

Financial aid will not be seen on the tuition bill prior to financial aid disbursement to the student account (see “Tuition Bills” above).


If financial aid exceeds the tuition and fee bill, the UAA Disbursements Office will return the excess financial aid to the student in the form of a refund. Refunds typically take 6-8 business days to process. Direct Deposit is available: sign up, verify and/or change your account in UAOnline (Student Services & Account Information > Direct Deposit Services).

UAA does not drop students due to non-payment. Students with outstanding bills as of the Payment Deadline are charged a late fee. To ensure financial aid will be processed and applied by the payment deadline, please make sure the FAFSA and all requested documentation is submitted to the Financial Aid Office by the following dates:

  • July 1st for students starting in the fall semester
  • December 1st for students starting in the spring semester
  • April 1st for students starting in the summer semester

For more information and a list of frequently asked questions, see Student Accounts and Refunds.

Tuition Bills

To view the tuition bill, log into UAOnline > Student Services & Account Information > Student Account > Account Detail for Term (Semester) > Select the semester > Submit

Prior to the financial aid disbursement, the bill will not include anticipated financial aid. To determine how much financial aid can be expect, compare the bill to the financial aid award letter. To view the financial aid award letter, log into UAOnline > Financial Aid > UAA > Award > Award Overview (look at award by term at bottom of page).

Remember that every financial aid type has eligibility criteria that must be met to be eligible (e.g. Federal Student loans require a minimum enrollment of 6 credit hours, Federal Pell Grants are estimated based on full-time enrollment and are prorated for part-time students).