International Student Health Insurance

International students will be automatically enrolled in health care coverage from LewerMark. The health insurance premium is added to students’ accounts at the beginning of the Fall and Spring Terms. The insurance premium for summer is included with the Spring student bill.

Coverage Dates

  • Fall Coverage: August 25–January 14
  • Spring Coverage: January 15–May 14 (Only graduating students may opt to receive spring-only coverage, this option must be selected on the spring check-in survey.)
  • Summer Coverage: May 15–August 24


Fall Premium is approximately $700. The Spring/Summer Premium is approximately $1,100.

Waive Out of LewerMark Plan


You can waive out of the LewerMark plan ONLY if you meet one of the three requirements below:

  1. Your parent/spouse is employed by a United States based company that provides Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant coverage that you are covered under.
  2. You arrived in the United States with health insurance because you participate in a government exchange student program, such as SACM.
  3. You are currently covered by a plan provided in your home country. This plan must meet or exceed the LewerMark plan and be valid in the United States. An emergency-only and/or travel plan will not be accepted
Important! Insurance plans offered by the following companies will not be accepted in any circumstances to obtain a waiver: HCC, IMG, ISI, ISO, ISP, GBG, PGH, PSI. (Please note: this is only a partial list of plans that are not acceptable waivers)


How to Waive Out of the LewerMark Plan

To be eligible to waive out of the LewerMark plan, you must submit your full policy and proof of coverage showing the following requirements are met:

  • If submitting a U.S. based insurance policy, it must be Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliant.
  • If submitting a non-U.S. based policy, requirements are including but not limited to:
    • The policy must be written in English and benefit amounts must be in U.S. dollar (USD) currency
    • Mental Health: 30 visits outpatient, 30 days inpatient
    • Pre-Existing Conditions: coverage up to the policy max after 6 months
    • Annual Maximum: $250,000 USD
    • A deductible may not exceed $500 USD
    • At least $25,000 USD for repatriation
    • At least $50,000 USD for medical evacuation
    • COVID-19 testing and treatment coverage
    • Self-Inflicted Injuries: $10,000 USD

Specific Insurance Information will be sent in July for Fall enrollment information and December for Spring/Summer Enrollments.