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International Student Health Insurance

International students will be automatically enrolled in health care coverage from LewerMark.  The health insurance premium will be added to your student account when you begin to register for the semester.

Coverage Dates and Premiums for 2021-2022

  • Fall coverage:
    August 25 - January 14: $638.64
  • Spring coverage*:
    January 15 - May 14: $535.91
  • Summer coverage*:
    May 15 - August 24: $455.53

*Only graduating students may opt to receive spring only coverage, this option must be selected on the spring check-in survey. All other students will receive coverage for the spring and summer and will be charged $991.44 when registering for Spring 2022.

Requests to Be Excluded from LewerMark Health Insurance Coverage

Students who already have an insurance policy that covers them in the United States from their home country may apply for an exemption from having to purchase the LewerMark policy. 

Exemptions are rarely granted as few foreign policies cover full routine care in the United States. Instead many foreign policies cover emergency care in the United States, and once stable the student is expected to return to their home country for additional treatment. 

In order to be eligible for an exemption, the policy must be comparable to the LewerMark policy and must:

  • Be written in English
  • Be converted to US Dollar values
  • Provide comparable coverage per year to the amount to $1,000,000 annual coverage
  • Have deductible or out of pocket expenses no greater than $500 per condition
  • Does not have a waiting period for pre-existing conditions
  • Provide at least $25,000 USD for repartition
  • Provide at least $50,000 USD for medical evacuation
  • Treat mental illness like any other illness
  • Be a non-US based company policy
  • Be one comprehensive policy (travel insurance and or coverage requiring additional riders will not be granted a waiver).

Students must present the full policy coverage via email to no later than 11:59 pm, Sunday, August 1, 2021, Alaska Daylight Time. We will not accept non-electronic requests for a waiver.

To be considered for a waiver, you must submit:

  1. An electronic copy of your full health insurance policy or full plan brochure in English.  
    • This must contain the complete detailed policy and must include a list of exceptions of coverage for the policy being presented.
  2. Proof of Individual Coverage which includes:
    • The name of the individual being covered
    • The beginning and end dates of your policy term
    • The name of the plan your purchased

Waiver requests that are received after the deadline or that do not provide the proper documentation be automatically denied.