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Student Showcase

Student Showcase highlights the extraordinary work of students throughout the University of Alaska Anchorage system. Student Showcase creates an opportunity for dialogue among university and community members. Students submit their best original papers and projects each year and an anonymous review is done by a faculty member of the submission discipline. The highest marks are presented at the Student Showcase Conference. Distinguished community members are invited to the Conference to evaluate, critique, and comment on students' work.

The Student Showcase Conference and Award Ceremony is celebrating its 36th anniversary in 2020. The Conference remains unique in the State of Alaska as only students present original papers and projects.

The Student Showcase Committee reviews policies and procedures, promotional materials, and selected award winners. For more information please contact 907-786-1086 or

36th Annual Showcase 2020

The deadline for the 36th Annual Student Showcase is Friday, January 31.

The UAA Student Academic Showcase Conference is April 2-3, 2020. Winners will be announced April 3 at 4:30 p.m. in the UAA Student Union Den.

Policies and Procedures

The Student Showcase is open to University of Alaska Anchorage students, including graduate and middle college students, from the following campuses: Anchorage, Matanuska-Susitna, Chugiak/Eagle River, Kenai Peninsula, Kachemak Bay, Kodiak, and Prince William Sound. Works submitted may be on any subject, but must have been produced for a UAA course or program in spring, summer, or fall semesters of the previous year to the application. Submissions are not limited to written works and may include performance, visual art, music and other mediums.


  1. Application. Consider the best coursework produced in a class over the past year and review it with a professor. Submitted works must be no longer than 30 typed, double-spaced pages, (excluding bibliography), longer works must be condensed to meet this page limit. Entries, other than written projects, must include a slide, a tape/CD, website or picture of the subject matter, along with a specific description of the work.
  2. Screening. Once the application has been submitted with a copy of the work, an anonymous review will be done by two faculty members of the Showcase submission discipline. If the total score is high enough, the applicant will be invited to present their work in the Student Showcase Conference. Conference invitations are announced in February.
  3. Conference and Awards. At the conference selected applicants will make a presentation of approximately 10 minutes followed by 5 minutes of Q&A and dialogue. A distinguished panel of three community panelist judges will evaluate the presentation on the day of the conference. Their scores are combined with the faculty scores to determine the Student Showcase winners who will be published in the journal. All students who present at the conference are recognized in the journal. All student presenters, their faculty, and commentators, are invited to the Showcase Awards where the winners will be announced. Awards include a cash prize and publication in the Student Showcase Journal.

Application Details

Only one entry may be submitted per student. Entries are due January 31. Students will be required to present their work at the Student Academic Showcase Conference in order to be considered for awards/publication.

Application Process

  • How To Apply

    How to Begin Your Application in E-Portfolio 

    To access the template for the Student Showcase e-portfolio application, enroll in the Student Showcase “assessment group”. There are also helpful how-to videos at the bottom of this page. Below are the steps to enroll:

    1. Log into eWolf
    2. Click on "Courses" at the top of the page.
    3. Scroll down to the section labeled “Assessment Group”
    4. Click “Find"
    5. Type the submission year and “Student Showcase” in the title search bar
    6. Click “View”
    7. Click "Enroll". Once enrolled in the assessment group, the template that must be completed for the Student Showcase e-portfolio application will appear (if the project being submitted to Showcase is an e-portfolio created for a class, please e-mail
    8. Within the assessment group, go to e-portfolios.
    9. Find the "Student Showcase Application Template" and select “Create e-portfolio from template”.
    10. Name the e-portfolio, click “Create”, then find the instructions for completing your application.

    How to Submit Your Application when your E-Portfolio is Complete

    1. Log into eWolf and open the Student Showcase Application e-portfolio
    2. Click on the menu option (upper right corner)
    3. Select “Submit to Course”
    4. select the “Blind Review Submission” assignment
    5. Select only the “Blind Review Submission” page, deselect all other pages.
    6. Click on “Submit” if the work is already published or “Publish and Submit” if not (unpublished work will not be viewable by Student Showcase)
    7. Click on the menu and select “Submit to Course” again
    8. Select the “Full Submission” assignment
    9. Select the “All pages” option
    10. Click “Submit”

    For questions about the application, contact 907-786-1086 or

    How-to Videos

    How to Enroll in ePortofilo

    How to Submit for Student Showcase

    How to Submit for Blind Review

    It is the student's responsibility to ensure the application and attached documents are received. If unsure, contact 907-786-1215.


Student Showcase Committee

The Student Showcase Committee meets monthly to review policies, procedures, promotional materials, and guidelines for selecting presenters and winners. 

2018-2019 Student Showcase Committee

To join the Student Showcase Committee please contact Zac Clark at                                          

Past Journals