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Seawolf Success Program

Students attend an orientation in a classroom during Seawolf Success Program

The Seawolf Success Program is a free collegiate training opportunity that empowers incoming UAA students and provides tools to help them excel at the University of Alaska Anchorage.

Participants take charge of their education and form positive academic habits through workshops, trainings, and social events designed to connect students to UAA campus and community resources. Seawolf Success Program participants are also eligible for other valuable benefits including an extensive summer orientation program and tuition waiver awards!

Seawolf Success Program Logo

Seawolf Success Academy

The Seawolf Success Academy is an annual summer orientation presented by the Seawolf Success Program. Throughout the orientation, Seawolf Success students are given the tools and knowledge needed to start off strong at UAA.

The orientation includes varying workshops and academic sessions to prepare students for their first semester. In addition, participants have the opportunity to meet other students and network with other UAA campus resource providers.

Seawolf Success students take charge of their education by:

  • Attending the Seawolf Success Academy and New Student Orientation the summer prior to their first semester
  • Attending UAA Campus Kick-Off and Freshman Convocation
  • Enrolling in University Studies 150 with other Seawolf Success students during the first semester
  • Meeting regularly with the Seawolf Success Program coordinator
  • Meeting with an academic advisor prior to registering for classes each semester
  • Participating in Seawolf Success and Multicultural Center workshops, trainings, and special events
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Apply For Seawolf Success

  1. Complete all requirements needed from the admissions and financial aid departments at UAA.
  2. Complete a Seawolf Success Program application
  3. Meet with the Seawolf Success transition coordinator
  4. Register for the Seawolf Success Academy as well as New Student Orientation
  5. Commit to being serious about education and future success
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Seawolf Success Program Transition Coordinator

Transitioning from high school to college can be challenging for students for a variety of reasons. To help alleviate these challenges, Seawolf Success students meet with the Transition Coordinator to discuss questions or concerns regarding the college experience at UAA. The Transition Coordinator specializes in helping first and second year students make the transition from high school to college. The coordinator provides support for students who are struggling to juggle their classes, prepare for exams, balance work and school, or identify different resources available on campus.

AHAINA Peer Mentor Program

During the summer Seawolf Success Program, incoming Seawolf Success students connect with high achieving, upperclass mentors from the AHAINA Peer Mentor Program.

Peer mentors instill a sense of belonging while helping students navigate the unique challenges presented by their first year of college.

The AHAINA Peer Mentor Program offers an exclusive opportunity for new students to learn first-hand the ins and outs of college from the perspective of experienced students.