My Major Discovery

Do you know what your future holds?

My Major Discovery BannerDeciding on a major is a critical step for staying on track, meeting your dreams and achieving your future career goals. You will find all the tools, services, and guidance at UAA's Advising and Testing Center to help navigate your journey in discovering a major that's right for you.

Did You Know?

It is common for many students entering college to be unsure about their major. Investing the time to explore yourself and the various academic options will be advantageous in helping you make the right decision which is essential to staying on track to graduation.

Students can choose exploratory/undeclared as their major and meet with an assigned Senior Professional  Academic Advisor for guidance in choosing a major.   

Keep in Mind...

Most majors could lead to many career fields and of course there are some careers which require specific training (i.e., engineering, nursing). 

Remember, all majors prepare students with required skills and qualities wanted by employers such as:

  • oral & written communication skills 
  • teamwork 
  • critical thinking
  • problem solving skills
  • ability to analyze
  • research and organization skills

Begin Your Amazing Story Today... The Adventure Starts Here at UAA:


The My Major Discovery Needs Inventory to take the first step in selecting a major!


An Academic Advisor for Exploratory/Undeclared Majors at 907.786.4500 to review your needs inventory and guide you in selecting a major.


The steps to selecting a major... to help you navigate your way.


In a COUN A101: Introduction to Career Exploration Course to learn how to choose a major and explore careers.