Native Student Clubs

Join a club on UAA campus! These are clubs for Native students by Native students.

Native Student Advocacy Group

The Native Student Advocacy Group is working towards improving the treatment of Indigenous students and staff at UAA. It is a space for Native students to bring their concerns about UAA and to create ideas on what changes we would like to see. Currently, the Native Student Advocacy Group is focusing on the amount of funding Native programs and events get, the spaces Native students and staff are given, and the language used about Native Peoples.

If you have any questions, please email Mars at To join, please fill out this google form.

Native Sports Club

Did you participate in NYO ever and you miss it? We’re hoping to start a club for students who want to pursue Native sports. If this sounds like something you want to do, fill out our interest form and be part of our brand new club!

Native Student Council

Native Student Council is making a return this semester! It's a great way to meet other Native students at UAA, and what we do will be up to everyone who wants to join! If you're interested in staying updated about the first meeting date, email or follow us on Instagram: @uaa_nsc. Fill out this google form to join!

Yugtun Club

Waqaa! Yugtun qalarcukuvet Tallimiritmi quyurciiqukut maani Native Student Services-ami. If you want to speak Yugtun (all levels welcome!), come to Native Student Services on Fridays 11am-12pm.