Orientation Styles

Howl Days Orientations are full-day events, genearlly 9:00AM-4:00PM, but may vary for some colleges. All orientations include mandated and optional sessions, a resource fair, tours of campus, and breakfast/lunch are provided.

General College Orientations

Designed for incoming students from all majors who will be starting at UAA in the spring or summer semesters.  The summer event also serves as an early bird orientation for students beginning in the upcoming fall semester.

Exploratory [Undeclared] Orientation

Designed for incoming students who have not yet chosen a specific major because they are still exploring. Students from all majors who are part of TRIO Student Support Services or the Seawolf Success Academy are encouraged to attend this orientation. The orientation includes a My Major Discovery session which introduces students to tools which will assist them in selecting a degree program.

Veteran, Transfer and Non-Traditional Orientation

Designed for incoming students who are veterans of the U.S. military, active duty military or their dependents, students who are 25 years or older, have 30+ college credits, or have lifestyles that cause them to identify differently than the traditional college student. This orientation includes sessions with the Military & Veteran Services staff, transfer credit information, and additional financial aid information.

Honors & Scholars Orientation

Designed for incoming students from all majors who are UA Scholars or Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) recipients, or students entering the University Honors College. This orientation includes sessions with the UA Scholars Transition Advisor and the University Honors College.

College-Specific Orientations

Designed for incoming students from a particular college. These orientations include sessions required by your college to introduce you to the expectations and resources available as a students within that college. You may also have the opportunity to meet the dean of the college, as well as other staff and faculty members. Majors are aligned with colleges below:


Out of Area Orientation

Designed for incoming students coming from outside of the Anchorage area or those who were not able to attend an earlier orientation. This orientation is for students from all majors and includes additional financial aid and course registration assistance.

Virtual Orientation

Designed for incoming students who are enrolled in distance education, are outside of the Anchorage area, are transferring with 30+ college credits, or graduate students. This online orientation is not intended for first-time freshmen or students transferring with fewer than 30 college credits. Students who select this orientation will receive an access link via email after registering. The link will remain active for two weeks. Students usually complete the Virtual Orientation in 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

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