Wolf Pack (Orientation) Leaders

We are excited to work with you throughout your first year at UAA! You can call on us to help you navigate the university system, learn how to get engaged on campus, or problem solve. As students, we have been there and done that. We believe it is easier to succeed when you have help, so we are here to provide that help!

We will reach out to check-in, ask if we can help. We want to ensure you are supported in your transition to college life. There are great resources and services at UAA to help you achieve academic and personal development. The Wolf Pack will point the way! 

Would you like to be a Summer 2019 Orientation Leader?

Join New Student Orientation in a fun, challenging, exciting and team building summer as we train on all things UAA, recruit incoming students to attend orientation, and host Howl Days Orientation for our new students.  Staff will work between 30-40 hours per week, depending on the month.  We are looking for student leaders who:

  • Have attended UAA at least one semester 
  • Have a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Are available all summer June 3-August 23, 2019 

To inquire about securing a position next summer,  email uaa_orientation@alaska.edu or call (907) 786-1224.

Meet our 2018-2019 Wolf Pack Leaders!

UAA NSO Wolf Pack Leader



Major: Justice

Hobbies: Video games and going outside with family and friends .

Advice for Students: Explore the UAA page, no matter how lost you feel.

NSO Wolf Pack Leader Ariel


Alaska Middle College Student

Major: Intends Education

Hobbies: Singing and dancing.

Advice for Students: Accept things the way they are, learn from them, then move on. It doesn't matter what you've done, what matters now is what you do here on out.

UAA NSO Wolf Pack Leader



Major: Business Management

Hobbies: Going on fun runs and learning photography techniques.

Advice for Students: Always set goals, both big and small. Setting goals will help you remember why you started your college journey and to motivate you as you progress!

NSO Wolf Pack Leader Song



Major: Accounting

Hobbies: Reading and watching cartoon movies.

Advice for Students: 
Talk to people. Make new friends. Keep learning and you'll be fine.

NSO Wolf Pack Leader Karen


Master's Degree Student

Major: MBA & Master's of Science in Accountancy

Hobbies: Sci-fi and Fantasy movies and books. If it has magic, swords, mythical creatures, aliens or space colonies in it, I will give it a try. I also like to complete adult coloring books, love Halloween or any other occasion for dressing up.

Advice for Students: Always make a plan. Be reasonable with your time commitments and estimations and remember to plan time for yourself to relax. Set goals both large and small and always remember to celebrate achieving those goals. Most importantly, do not try to do this college thing alone, reach out and make connections to make the journey easier.

UAA NSO Wolf Pack Leader Yessenia



Major: Psychology

Hobbies: Reading and writing.

Link to Yessenia's Six Word Story in ePortfolio to learn more about why she is attending UAA.

Advice for Students: 
Don't be shy to ask questions and find ways to get connected.

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