Change Majors and Minors

Changing Major

Once formally admitted and in attendance, students may request a change of major, or change degree programs at the same level or a lower level, to another program through the change of major process. Students admitted initially in the exploratory major may also declare a major through this process. Students must meet the specific admission requirements of the desired program and follow the change of major process. No fee is required for this process.

To change from a baccalaureate level program to a certificate/associate level program, a student must follow the change of major process. If a student later decides to complete a baccalaureate program,  they will need to reapply for admission and pay applicable admission fees.

To change from a certificate/associate level program to a baccalaureate level program, a student must reapply for admission and meet all the requirements for the new admission level.

Students may pursue concurrent UAA degrees as long as they have formally applied and been accepted to each program. For more information, see Undergraduate Policies in the UAA catalog.

Graduate change of degree procedures are governed by the Graduate Degree Policies in the UAA Catalog. (See "Change of Degree")

Undergraduate Change of Major Form


A minor may only be issued concurrently with a baccalaureate degree. A minor from UAA will consist of a minimum of 18 credits, at least 6 of which must be upper-division. You must earn at least 3 credits in residence in each minor field. You must also earn a UAA cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 (C) in the minor. You must follow minor requirements from the same catalog used for the baccalaureate program. Refer to each discipline for specific requirements.

Minors are optional for baccalaureate degrees; however, you must complete all minor requirements before you can graduate with the degree to which the minor is attached.

All correspondence regarding declaration of your minor will occur through your preferred e-mail account as specified in UAOnline. Please make sure you are able to receive those e-mails and that you check them often.

To use this online form, log in with your UA username (not your UA ID number) and your UA password (the password used for UAA e-mail, Blackboard, and UAA Active Directory):

Declaration of a Minor (or Drop a Minor) Form