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Experience. Participate. Lead.

The Student Clubs and Greek Life Office (SCGL) supports the UAA community by empowering student involvement.  We work to develop equal and diverse communities, interactive networks, collaboration, leadership skills, and personal, social, and intellectual experiences.  We believe these opportunities enhance the learning environment on campus and help students obtain valuable lifelong skills.

Experience. Participate. Lead is our model for student involvement.  It is based on the belief that when students experience community involvement they will participate and develop leadership skills.

The Student Clubs & Greek Life office provides financial and planning support for all registered clubs at UAA.  We register clubs, provide bookkeeping services and guidance for starting new clubs and club travel.


There are over 100+ clubs and 5 Greek Organizations here at UAA so you can find a club that interests you AND fits your schedule!  To browse (or join) student clubs/organizations at UAA go to the UAA Life page at

  • Pre-Professional/Academic
    These clubs are aimed for specific careers such as the Accounting Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers to name a few.  These clubs often help their members network with future employers and organize volunteer activities that bolster the resume of their members.
  • Service
    These kinds of clubs perform service for the community our service clubs are Alpha Phi Omega, Aurora Borealis Campus Lions Club and the Student Social Work Coalition.
  • Special Interests
    There are also a lot of clubs who just like to have fun as well a few examples are the Game Club, Chronicles of Yarnia, the Battle Crows (role-playing), Active Minds who raise awareness about mental health as well as many others.
  • Cultural
    Cultural clubs meet to celebrate, learn and promote different cultures such as the Alaskeros Kasamahan, ASL club, Latino Student Union and Native Student Council just to name a few.
  • Religious/Spiritual
    Religious and Spiritual clubs bring their members together to share their faith in the spirit of fellowship and promote religious awareness on campus.  Examples include Arigaa, Chi Alpha and Simple Truth.
  • Political
    These clubs focus on getting students politically active within their community.  Our political Clubs are College Democrats, Generation Action Students for Reproductive Justice and Young Americans for Liberty.
  • Sports
    These clubs are for those who want to participate in and learn more about sports.  The sports clubs at UAA are the Judo and Jiu Jitsu Club and the Last Frontier Lifters.
  • Honorary
    Honorary clubs recognize a high level of academic achievement and provide a place for academically focused students to meet with each other.  Examples include the Psi Chi and Sigma Tau Delta.
  • Greek
    Membership in a Greek Sorority or Fraternity is a lifelong commitment to the organization and the values they represent.  Each organization has different core values but all share a strong sense of fellowship and community with their members.

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We hope that you'll find a group to fit you but if not, starting your own club is easy. The SCGL staff are here to help!

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