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As an advisor to a student club or Greek organization you are a direct participant in aiding students to get involved and engaged on campus.  Your guidance will help your student club members develop their leadership, social and professional skills - enriching their lives and careers. Being an advisor is a commitment, but it can come with big rewards.  We at Student Clubs and Greek Life are here to help you throughout your service to your club / organization.

Responsibilities of an Advisor

Stay Involved

It’s okay to let the students handle arrangements and operations themselves - that’s what builds leadership! However, there are policies and procedures that clubs and organizations must abide by and you should do your best to help them understand these. 

Signature Authority

Clubs and organizations need authorization from their advisor when utilizing their financial account and reserving space on campus.  You will need to sign the Facility Reservation Request forms prior to the club turning them in to SCGL for further approval.  This can be done on the physical copy or electronically.  For financial assistance, take the time to orient yourself with UAA Life and how you can approve Purchase Requests for the club / organization (directions listed below). 

Policies and Procedures You Should Know

As an advisor for a club / organization there are a few policies that you should be familiar with:

Movie Showings on Campus Policy

Unless a movie is under public domain (I.E. there is no copyright license attached to it) then your club has obtain the appropriate permissions before holding a public movie showing regardless of whether or not the club charges for the movie showings. Read more about the requirements here Public Viewing of Movies on Campus.

Beer & Wine Policy

There are strict regulations concerning the use of alcohol at a university-sponsored event. A beer and wine application has to be submitted to the SCGL office at least 4 weeks prior to the event and it has to be approved by the Dean of Students.  Please notify our office as soon as you decide to serve beer or wine in order to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.  The requirements can be found here: Required Documents Checklist and the application can be found here: Beer and Wine Request Form.


Hosting a raffle can be a complicated process because of the State of Alaska gaming laws. There are many forms and minor details that must be paid attention to. Please notify us as soon as your club decides to host a raffle in order to make the process as smooth as possible for everyone involved.  All of the forms are on the Student Organization Resources Page under "Fundraising".

Prize Form

Anytime a prize, gift, or award is awarded to someone from a student club such as a raffle, door prize, or a contest of any kind the recipients have to fill out a prize form.  If a prize form isn't turned into our office then our office will not release club funds to pay for the purchase (which means a club member may not reimbursed for the purchase!)  The UA Taxable Status Determination Prize Form which can be found here.

Club Council and How It Relates to Your Club's Standing

Club Council is a part of the USUAA Student government. It is a large body comprised of one representative from each registered club on campus.

Club Council approves the creation of any new club. During the registration process someone from the club will have to give a presentation to Club Council and host a short Q&A session. Then Club Council will vote on whether or not to approve the club’s registration. If they vote yes the club is registered, if they vote no then the club cannot be registered on campus.

Every club has to have a Club Council representative. Which means someone has to go to Club Council meetings to represent your club. Any member can attend a club council meeting for a club. If a club misses more than four meetings in a semester or six in an academic year then they are automatically suspended as a club!!!



  • How do I sign the faculty/staff adviser agreement form in UAA Life?
    1. Go to the UAA Life website here:
    2. Log in using your Blackboard login and password.
    3. On the grey menu bar at the top click the drop-down menu “Campus Links.”
    4. On the bottom of the drop-down menu click “Faculty/staff adviser agreement form.”
  • Purchase Request? Direct Pay? Can you tell me what all of this is?? How do we spend our money?
    Certainly!  Before you spend any money your club needs to make a Purchase Request (PR) which is detailed below:
    • Purchase Request: this is made through UAA Life.  It is basically asking us for permission to use the club’s money.  Once submitted by a club member you (the Club Advisor), the President and the Treasurer need to approve it before our office can process it for further approval.  In the PR you can ask for a Petty Cash Voucher (PC), Journal Voucher (JV), Direct Pay and a Pro-Card purchase.  We will tell you that UAA life does not actually do anything to your funds, it puts your requests to spend your funds in to the SCGL office and we take care of the transactions for you.


    When making the PR you have to choose between a few different options of how to spend your clubs funds which are detailed below:

    • Journal Voucher (JV): A Journal Voucher is a transfer of money between University Entities.  This can be a transfer between two clubs, two UAA departments or between a club and a department.  When making a purchase request on UAA Life simply select JV on the UAA life website and tell us who you are transferring money to and why.
    • Petty Cash (PC): A petty cash voucher (PCV), often called petty cash for short, is when the University Cashiering office gives you money straight out of your club funds.  It is used for on-hand purchases under 100$ and cannot be used for food, gifts or decoration.
    • Direct Pay: Direct Pay is used for reimbursing students for out-of-pocket purchases they make on behalf of the club.  It can also be used to request that a check be made out to businesses for room reservations, spare machinery parts etc.  When filling out the purchase request simply tell SCGL staff in the notes that you would like a check to be made out.
    • Pro-Card: A pro-card is a UAA credit card for employees.  In the notes tell us what you want and where from.  Common pro-card purchases are items from where the student simply puts all of the items in the cart, prints off the shopping list and (after filling out all of the required information) attaches it to the purchase request.  Then after it is approved he/she might come in and simply log into the Amazon account and let SCGL pay for the item(s) with the pro-card (especially if they want to use their prime shipping.)
    • Custodial Procard: The UAA Custodial ProCard is a credit card that can be checked out by student clubs. This card is to be used temporarily for the required shopping needed for your student club/organization. Absolutely no personal usage is allowed with the Custodial ProCard. A Sam’s Club membership card can also be checked out with the ProCard. All cards, forms and receipts are due back to SCGL by 5pm of the same day of checkout, except if:
      1. A ProCard is checked out after 2pm. The return will then be 10am of the next business day
      2. An event takes place on a weekend. You may check the card out Friday and return the card that same day or by 10am of the following Monday (or next applicable business day).
  • How do I make a Purchase Request in UAA Life?
    1. Go to The UAA Life website here:
    2. Log in using your Blackboard username and password.
    3. Go to your club’s page.
    4. Underneath your club’s cover photo there is a grey bar. On the far right click on “Finance”.
    5. On the Finance page click on the blue button called “Create a purchase request.”
    6. Fill out the information accordingly.  Hint: payee information is different from the requester’s information.  The payee is who SCGL will be sending money to.  So if a student is going to be reimbursed put the student’s information in that field.  If you are asking for an check to a business put the businesses information there instead.
    7. Make sure that if there are any special requests to put them in the notes for SCGL to read.
    8. Complete the Purchase Request.
    9. Have the Faculty Adviser, President and Treasurer approve the purchase request.
  • How do I approve a Purchase Request in UAA Life?
    1. Go to The UAA Life website here:
    2. Log in using your Blackboard username and password.
    3. Go to your club’s page.
    4. Underneath your club’s cover photo there is a grey bar. On the far right click on “Finance”.
    5. On the Finance page find the purchase request that you wish to approve.
    6. Click on it to open it.
    7. Underneath the number of the purchase request there is a button called “Change Stage” click on it.
    8. Underneath “Stage” select your position (Adviser, President or Treasurer.)
    9. Place a comment underneath if necessary.
    10. Click the “save” button.
    11. (Optional) If you wish to check and see who has approved it and who hasn’t scroll to the bottom of the purchase request and under “Stage History” and you will see the approvals.
  • How do I get reimbursed for a purchase I made?

    The steps towards getting reimbursed are simple:

    1. Make a purchase request on UAA Life.
    2. Have your President and Treasurer approve it.
    3. Save the original receipt with your purchase*.
    4. Take receipts for purchase request to Student Clubs and Greek Life.
    5. Fill out a “PR Form” – include the purchase request at the top if possible – the PR form is in our office or can be found here.
    6. The SCGL worker will tape the receipts to the PR form so that the totals and name of the store will show.
    7. Upon request the SCGL worker will photocopy the form (with the receipts) for your records.
    8. They will process your reimbursement and you will receive it within 2-3 weeks.
    9. Optional: For a direct deposit of your reimbursement put your direct deposit information into UAOnline (the same way you do for student loans, scholarships etc.).  If you choose not to do this then you will be mailed a check to the address you have on file with them.


    *SCGL will only accept original receipts for reimbursement; we will make copies of them for your records upon request.  For online purchases (such as from we will accept reciepts they email you or online invoices, however they must show a $0.00 balance.

  • Change the president/treasurer/etc. on UAA Life? (Manage the Roster)
    To do this may require special access to the club on UAA Life.  If you have any problems completing the instructions below please visit the UAA Life office for assistance.
    1. Have the president/treasurer/etc. log on to UAA life and request to join the organization.*
    2. Go to The UAA Life website here:.
    3. Log in using your Blackboard username and password.
    4. Go to your club’s page.
    5. Underneath your club’s cover photo there is a grey bar. Click “Roster”
    6. Click on “Manage Roster.”
    7. Find the president/treasurer/etc. in your roster.
    8. Select that person and click the “edit positions” box.**
    9. Select the position you want.
    10. Click save.

    *While this may seem like a "no-brainer" most club members do not officially join the club on UAA, which is unfortunate considering the larger your roster is the more likely a prospective member may check you out.  Make sure that the President/Treasurer/Etc. have joined on UAA Life first.

    **By default there are only member positions in UAA Life.  To create more positions with more access

    1. Go to the roster page.
    2. Click “Manage Positions.”
    3. Click “+ Position.”
    4. Type in a title for new position.
    5. Select the type of position.
    6. Set access permissions (for making/editing purchase requests, manage the roster etc.)
    7. Click “Save.”
  • How can my club get event funding?
    There are a variety of funding sources for events such as Club Council, the Special Projects Fund and the Diversity Action Council.  You may find the forms on the Student Organization Resources page under “Funding Assistance”.  Additionally UAA departments might be willing to co-sponsor an event with your club if it meets their department’s goals.
  • Where do I go for more help?

    Wondering what is out there to make your club’s events a success?  Take a look at our Student Organization Resources Page.  We can hook your club up with radio announcements, flyers, swag and just about anything you need to get the word out to students most of it is free or low cost (radio announcements are totally free though.)  We even have dishes for your club to check-out for events!

    Additionally you may always contact us at or at 907-786-1385 with any questions or concerns.

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