Co-Curricular Transcript

 What is it?

clip art of UAA Co-Curricular Transcript

The Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) is a record of a student's involvement and achievements outside of the classroom. This document provides a detailed list of a student's activities during their time at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Co-curricular activities provide learning and leadership experience, professional and personal development, and broad experiences that are important to recognize. Unlike the academic transcript, the CCT is primarily self reported.

Are there any benefits to having one?

Resume not enough? Or perhaps you need more experiences on it? The CCT is the perfect way to supplement an application for a job, internship, and/or scholarship! Employers like to know what other types of activities a student is involved in, and the volunteering aspect of this involvement is appreciated. Sometimes, these experiences are valued more than paid work experience. If you are involved in a club that was geared toward your major or the job you are applying to, the employer will value that over another unrelated paid work experience. Being involved can also benefits students by enhancing leadership, professional, and academic experience by applying what you learn in the classroom to "real world" situations!

What will be on the CCT?

All of the clubs and organizations you are registered under on UAA Life is automatically recorded on your CCT! Other information that can be included are:

  • Community Service Projects
  • On-Campus Employment, Internships
  • Workshops/Training Completed
  • Study Abroad Experience
  • Honors and Awards Received

How can I access my CCT? 

First, log into UAA Life (with your Blackboard username and password). Then, click on "My Involvement" at the top black bar of the page, and from the drop-down menu select "Co-Curricular Transcript". To add additional information, select "Experiences". Then, you will see an "Add Experience" button, and choose which category that fits best.

What does it look like?

Co-Curricular Transcript screen shot from UAA Life

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