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The University's procedures for travel require considerable advance planning. No travel related purchases can be made prior to having your Travel Authorization approved (this includes purchases you make on your own and are expecting to be reimbursed for).

Student organizations wishing to travel must complete and turn in the Student Travel Packet forms at least four weeks prior to making ANY travel related purchases for domestic travel and nine weeks for international travel.

Note: Any travel related purchases made without the required approvals will absolutely NOT be reimbursed. No travel requests will be processed without a completed travel packet.

Clubs and organizations may provide funding for registration fees, transportation, lodging, meals (meals-excluding the number of meals included as part of the registration fees), taxi, and reasonable miscellaneous expenses deemed necessary by the student organization and in accordance with University purchasing procedures. Organizations must have funding available in their account for all requested expenses prior to submitting travel forms and must be a fully registered club/ogranization for the current school year. 

Click "US Student Travel Packet" to upload the packet for your convenience. 


1.    Notify Student Clubs and Greek Life

Once your club has decided who will be travelling, please drop off a list of the travelers’ names and student ID numbers to Cody Buechner, Leadership Coordinator and/or Jane Mastre, Administrative Assistant.  Bringing these items before the travel packet will help expedite the approval process. 

2.    Complete the Travel Packet

A completed Travel Packet will have these forms and be turned in at least four weeks prior to domestic travel and nine weeks prior for international travel.

Completed Student Travel Packets include:

1. Student Travel Request and Emergency Contact Form
2. Hold Harmless Agreement
3. Itinerary Form w/ estimates and the Travel Funding Form 
4. Travel Authorization Form (Paper TA)
Proof of travel insurance for each traveler (International Travel only) For information on insurance please click "here".
6. Proof of vaccinations for each traveler  (International Travel only) For information on current vaccinations please research and click "here".
7. Copy of Passports for each traveler (International Travel only)
8. Letter of support from the club's Advisor (This is required for International travel only. See FAQs in Student Travel Packet.) 
9. Original signed Export Control Forms for each traveler (For International Travel only) Link for form click "here".
Click "International Student Travel Packet" to upload the packet for your convenience. 


Traveling within Alaska, outside Anchorage Bowl area ONLY: 

Are you traveling or driving to Fairbanks, Talkeetna, Girdwood, or somewhere outside the Anchorage bowl? Please read the information below for the required travel documentation needed before your club travels. 
Each student traveling in a student club/organization MUST submit the Student Travel Packet including(if driving personal vehicle(s)); a copy of each driver's driver license, a copy of each driver's car insurance, submit a list of driver's and who is driving with those drivers. Please submit at least four weeks prior to making ANY travel related expenses, even if students are not seeking reimbursements. ALL travel must be approved by all required approvals before traveling. (club and student organizations need to submit all documentation together)
Important Information regarding Car Rentals for Non-Employees (Students):

“University Regulation 05.02.06.A.4.d. (6) prohibits UA rental of motor vehicles for guests or persons who are not UA employees.” Please read the attached Transportation Safety Guide regarding student driving. We generally don’t recommend using rental for employees. The travel regulation mentions some requirements about Automobile Rental We must be careful when dealing with student related travel regarding car rental. It’s not only about the upfront cost, but it’s more about risk and safety issue ( insurance and liability).

REMINDER: We will not accept partial packets from any traveler. Only completed packets will be accepted. Also, DO NOT purchase ANY travel related expenses until the travel is approved by the required individuals and the UAA Travel Department.

3.    Mandatory Pre- Travel Meeting and TEMS Set Up

After completed forms have been submitted, all members of the traveling group seeking reimbursements are required to attend a Pre-Travel Meeting with the Leadership Coordinator and the Administrative Assistant from Student Clubs and Greek Life. Mandatory Pre-Travel Meeting must happen at least four weeks prior to making ANY travel related purchases for domestic travel and nine weeks for international travel. Final details of the trip will be covered during this meeting. From here the Administrative Assistant will go over the Travel Expense Management System (TEMS) process.  For more information on TEMS, please see FAQs on the Student Travel Form FAQ page).

4.    Approve TA and (if needed) Request Travel Advance.

A travel authorization (TA) is essentially a plan of where you are going, how you are going to get there and the expenses you will be reimbursed for.  Once our administrative assistant inputs your TA into TEM you will receive an email from TEM requesting approval.  Once you log into TEM and approve your TA then it can be reviewed by and approved by UAA’s travel administrators.  This step is critical towards getting your reimbursements and final arrangements approved. 

NOTE: If you are planning to request a travel advance you need to request it before approving your TA.  Step by step instructions on how to request a travel advance are here:

5.    Retain All Receipts from Travel

Turn in all receipts within ten (10) days of your return.  A travel expense form will be prepared for you to sign. Receipts must show proof of payment and the name of the purchaser; if a receipt does not have the name of a purchaser on it then the purchaser must provide the receipt with an  accompanying credit card or bank statement with the purchase and name of purchaser. If you are travelling as a group (only 1 TA for the entire group) receipts must be turned in by all club members before anyone can be reimbursed.


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