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UAA Life is a student engagement site.  Its purpose is to help students on campus by connecting them to involvement opportunities.
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For Students:  UAA Life provides a directory of all of the actively registered student clubs on campus which interested students can use to view and join student clubs and organizations.  It also has constantly updated news feed which shows all of the events that student clubs and registered departments are throwing.

For your Career:  UAA Life also has a Co-Curricular Transcript which is similar to an academic transcript except that it relies on self-reporting.  It records your involvement with student clubs, community service projects, On-Campus Employment, Internships, Workshops/Training Completed, Study Abroad Experience and Honors/Awards received.

For Clubs: UAA Life is the go to site for club business – it markets student clubs and events, allows them to track members volunteer hours if needed and helps student officers to manage their club operations including registration, membership rosters, finances, and event registration.

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