Interested joining a fraternity?  That’s great!  There are three fraternities at UAA: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon and Phi Kappa Theta who welcome brothers from all walks of life in the spirit of fellowship. We inspire our brothers to reach their maximum potential, become strong leaders and equip them with the tools they need to change the world. However joining a fraternity is a lifetime commitment and should be researched first.



  • Mission
    Every fraternity has a core mission that their brothers promise themselves to. Phi Kappa Theta’s mission is to “develop men to be effective leaders who passionately serve society, Fraternity and God.”  Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s mission is to “promote the highest standards of friendship, scholarship and service for our members based upon the ideals set forth by our Founders and as specifically enunciated in ‘The True Gentleman.’”  Tau Kappa Epsilon’s mission is to “aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life.”  The closer your personal purpose aligns with your fraternity the stronger impact joining will have on your life.
  • Values
    Every fraternity has different values and it’s members try to embody them as well as their own.  Phi Kappa Theta’s values are Leadership, Fraternity, Intellect, Society and Spirit.  Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s values are Scholarship, Service to our Community, Brotherhood, and Social Interaction.  Tau Kappa Epsilon’s values are Integrity, Honesty and Patience.  The closer a fraternities values match your own, the deeper and more meaningful the experience will be.
  • Leadership
    Fraternities offer plenty of leadership opportunities such as serving on councils or committees, holding an officer position within the organization or organizing an event or fundraiser for the fraternity.  We also encourage brothers to seek leadership opportunities outside of the organization such as being the head of a student club or taking a challenging internship or volunteer position.
  • Academics
     Your brothers are college students too and understand that collegiate courses can be difficult.  Our chapters intentionally set themselves up for success by implementing scholarship programs and applying for scholarships, both locally and nationally.  In fact, it is all too common to see large groups of our Greek members setting up study tables in the Consortium Library to cover daily homework and prepare for upcoming exams. 
  • Networking
     Joining a fraternity will help you develop personal and professional networks for life.  After all, your brothers will graduate and become professionals in diverse fields such as nursing, business and graphic/web design for example.  But just as friendships take work so do professional contacts.  You will be encouraged to attend alumni gatherings and keep in touch with your brothers.  The more work you put into developing professional contacts the more often they will be there when you need them.
  • Philanthropy
     Community Service is a win-win situation for all of those involved.  Volunteers get to do something good for their fellow community members, put it on their resume and possibly network with people in their future profession.  Community Organizations get some much needed help from groups of highly engaged workers and thus are able to offer more services to their clients/consumers and most importantly more people from your community will get the help that they need.  Whether it’s a hot meal or a cleaner park to play and spend time outdoors in.  So then it’s no wonder why Greek Organizations do so much for their communities.  They even have longstanding partnerships with philanthropies.   Phi Kappa Theta’s is the Children’s Miracle Network, Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s are the Children’s Miracle Network and the Special Olympics and Tau Kappa Theta’s is St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and The Alzheimer's Association.  Besides their philanthropy partnerships, fraternity brothers often volunteer together on other projects around town such as organizing a blood drive for the Blood Bank of Alaska for example.


How do I join?

While the best way to start a fraternal new member process is to have an in-person conversation with active members of our fraternity community, we realize that is not always possible.  During times when fraternities are not hosting recruitment events, you have a few options: fill out the form below and we will forward your information to the appropriate recruiter, click on each fraternity's link on the left-hand banner and follow the hyperlinks to send them a message, call the SCGL office (907-786-1217) and we can forward your information to the chapters or drop by in person to SU Room 210 to learn more.



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