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Welcome to the Panhellenic Formal Recruitment registration page! We're excited that you are interested to learn more about our organizations and hope you ultimately find a home in our community.  Below you can find information on our Formal Recruitment schedule for Fall 2018:

Register for Fall 2018 Formal Recruitment


Friday, September 07, 2018 - Panhellenic Open House 

Panhellenic Open House is an informational session designed to introduce you to active members of the sorority community, as well as provide an opportunity to meet other ladies that are interested in learning about sorority life.  At Panhellenic Open House, you will discover the uniqueness of each sorority on campus, be informed about the requirements for membership in each organization, and hear testimonials of the powerful impact Greek membership has had on members of the Greek community. This one-and-a-half hour session a requirement for membership eligibility.  Do not worry if you cannot make Open House, we will have summary reviews every night of Formal Recruitment to make sure each lady that wants to be eligible for sorority membership will have ample opportunities to hear this information. 

Monday, September 10 – Thursday, September 13, 2018 – Recruitment Events

During this four part formal recruitment event you will get the chance to meet all the members from both sororities. Each night will begin at the same time at said location. Please arrive on time to ensure getting to know both sororities equally. There will be two 45 minute sessions each night and the potential new members will be split into two groups. Each potential new member will have the opportunity to participate in the sorority’s activities and learn more in-depth information. After the first session the two groups will switch rooms and participate in the other sorority’s activities and learn more. This will be the schedule for each night. The groups will be chosen at random each night so be prepared to start in either room with either sorority. These days are very important for you to learn about each sorority and decide which one aligns with your values and ideals most as well as for the sororities to learn about you. If you cannot attend each night, because of prior obligations, that is okay but please let Panhellenic know prior to missing the event. Keep in mind the more time you spend getting to know the members the easier it is to find the perfect fit for you and the sorority. Please come prepared to have fun, get to know lots of new people, and most importantly to find your new home away from home!

Friday, September 14, 2018 – Preference Night (Invitation Only)

Preference night is by invitation only. You will receive a call in the morning to inform you if you have been extended an invitation by a sorority. It is possible to be extended one invitation, invitations to both, or no invitations. This is the final night to experience the sororities and to learn more intimate details. Usually there will be a short presentation and a ritual but there is no set duration. Each sorority will have a set time of when their preference night will begin, usually one before the other. You must wear all black formal attire to this event.

Saturday, September 15, 2018 – Bid Day (Invitation Only)

Bid day is by invitation only. If you were invited to preference night, you will receive a call in the morning on Saturday to inform you on whether you were extended a bid or not. You will meet on campus at said time (details will be said during phone call) to open your bid and learn which sorority extended it. At this time you can accept or decline the bid. Once accepted, you will be announced to the sorority and join them in a day full of fun planned activities. Please wear an outfit which is easy to change (ex.wear a tank top), usually the sorority will have Bid day shirts for the new members. This is the beginning of a wonderful adventure!




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