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For information on the resources we offer clubs, please click on the subjects below.

  • Advertising

    Before posting flyers or advertisements please be sure to read the:
    UAA Posting Policy

    Free KRUA Public Service Announcement(PSA) for club events:  Online PSA Form

    The Publicity Center for student clubs and student organizations, provides the following services such as; print fliers, brochures, posters, and banners.  The also can create buttons, magnets or key chains and writing a Public Service Announcement for the UAA Radio, KRUA 88.1 FM and an ad to run through The Northern Light Newspaper (fees apply with TNL). The PC also can create an ad to display on the plasma screens in the Student Union and the Student Clubs & Greek Life office. Interested? Please submit your event to the Wolfwire Online Student Calendar and Graphic Design assistant at the Publicity Center. For request, please fill out Publicity Center Request Form. Email 

    A specific nondiscrimination clause is required on all university publicity materials per the UA's agreement with the Office of civil rights.  Find the complete, short and micro versions of the notice of nondiscrimination here titleixcompliance/ nondiscrimination.

  • Cash Boxes
    SCGL has two Cash Boxes to offer to clubs for bake sales and other fundraising activities.  You can stop by the SCGL office anytime to check one out. (first come first serve basis)
  • Custodial Credit Card Checkouts

    Fully registered UAA student clubs and organizations are eligible for the use of a Custodial Credit Card to checkout for purchases (no propane, helium, spray paint, hazardous and weapon-like purchases allowed). There are only two (2) available for both the Custodial Credit Cards to checkout. A Student ID is REQUIRED at the time of checkout for both the Credit Cards. 

    These cards will be issued on a first come, first serve basis. A forty-eight (48 hour) notice is required to check out the cards based on the students' preferred pick-up time.

    An approved Purchase Request is REQUIRED before any of the cards are checked out. (The Custodial Credit Cards have replaced all LPOs.)  LPOs are no longer available.

    Prizes/Gift Purchases: Prizes/Gift Purchases are acceptable for use ONLY if the cost is under $24.99 and will need pre-approval from the UAA Procurement office and Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs. If prizes/gift are valued over $25.00, the use of the Custodial Credit Card needs pre-approval and is not guaranteed for approval. For each prize/gift given, each person needs to fill out and sign a UA Taxable Status Determination Form, no matter the value of the prize/gift awarded.

    UA Taxable Status Determination Form

    Entertainment Purchases: (gifts, movies, bowling, restaurant/dining, etc.) required pre-approval from the SCGL department, Student Affairs Fiscal Manager, and UAA Pro Card Administrator. These purchases cannot go over $100 or more per the university's regulations and policies, whether it be purchased with Custodial Pro Card or out-of-pocket. These purchases can be reimbursed $100 or less and if pre-approval is given, but the original receipt is required and needs to be itemized. Reimburseable entertainment purchases only need SCGL department and Student Affairs Fiscal Manager approval.

    If a gift is given (not a prize), the UA Taxable Status Determination Form is still required and needs to be filled out completely by the individual given the prize (SSN is required on the form) and the student club/organization (bottom portion). 

    REMINDER-  Affiliated UAA clubs and student organizations cannot purchase any alcohol whatsoever, even if you plan on paying out of pocket. It is a UAA Club/Student organization event which will not allow any alcohol to be purchased, otherwise a Beer/Wine Request or permit will be required. 

     For more information, please read the Custodial Card Policy and Procedures here.

    UA Taxable Status Determination Form

  • Deposit/ Financial Reimbursement Forms

    Deposit and tax forms for student clubs.
        Deposit Form
        W-9 Form
        Receipt Form (For turning in your receipt to get reimbursed.)

    Information for Speakers/Performers or Miscellaneous Services (Please send information 4 weeks in advance before the event or travel related expenses is taking place.)

    Short Form Contract

    Independent Contractor Determination Form

    W-9 Form (see above)

    Contract and Invoice (Vendor/Business will need to provide)

    For purchase requests, login to UAA Life

  • Dinner Service

    Dinner Service (cups, dinner plates, salad plates, bowls and silverware) are available for rent at the SCGL office.  The set serves 12 and is square, white with black geometric designs on them.

    Dinner Service Rental Agreement Form

  • Funding Assistance

    Clubs can apply for additional funding for events through the Club Council, UAA Concert Board Special Projects Fund (SPF) or the Diversity Action Council.  Each have separate requirements.

    Club Council Funding Request
    Special Projects Fund Grant Application (SPF)
    Diversity Action Council Funding Request Page

  • Fundraising

       Specific fundraising activities require additional permits and notification:

        Bake Sales
        Bake Sale Policy and Information

        In order to host a raffle, clubs must submit the required paperwork to SCGL at least 4
        weeks in advance of the raffle. 

    The SCGL office needs all required information to send to the Budget office for approval for all student clubs and organizations. Please see below information for raffles.

          Read First
          SOA Game of Chance and Skill Regulation
          15 AAC 160.640 Raffle Tickets (The rules on raffle tickets, stubs and drawing)
          Games of Chance Permit Application

          Turn in Before Raffle
          1.   Raffle Checklist (The First Sheet/Page)
          2.  Games of Change Permit Application (please see above under "Read First" for application)
          3.  Raffle Prize Donation Form (Filled out by donors when donating prizes)
          4. Stub Sample (Make sure tickets are printed with required information)
          5. Ticket Log (Log of all tickets sold, to whom they are sold and the winners)
          6.  Raffle Deposit Form

    ***These items will be reviewed by SCGL and the UAA Budget Office.***

              Turn in After Raffle
          1. UA Taxable Status Determination Form (signed by each prize winner with their social security number and winning ticket stub attached.) 

    ***Social Security Number is required for IRS and State of Alaska tax reporting requirements. If winner isn't willing to provide SSN, the prize can't be awarded and must be re-drawn.***
          2. Financial Report, including number of tickets printed, sold, and unsold. Report should contain actual expense, deposits and donated prizes.  (See Raffle Checklist, Sheet 2). 

          3. Copies of raffle deposit receipts for all tickets sold. Deposits must be done daily to minimize the   risk of loss. (Do not mix raffle deposits with other revenue.)

          4. Copies of receipts/invoices for all expense.

          5. Prize Donation Forms signed by vendors.

          6. Raffle ticket log is required for all tickets (sold/unsold) and must contain ticket numbers, name of purchaser, and winning prizes.

          7. Ticket stubs and unsold tickets bundled separately in numerical order.

    ***A post raffle report (memo or email format) is required within 12 months of your raffle and must show how the funds were spent.*** 

        Prizes for Auctions, Door Prizes etc.
        Winners of prizes must fill out a form when they claim their item. For each prize/gift given, each person needs to fill out and sign a UA Taxable Status Determination Form, no matter the value of the prize/gift awarded.
      UA Taxable Status Determination Form
        (UAA student clubs do not hold individual tax identification or tax exempt status – if a
        donor is requesting this information please contact the Student Clubs and Greek Life

  • Our Email List
    To get emails regarding Club Council Business, Leadership Opportunities or related UAA announcements you can subscribe or unsubscribe here at
  • Public Viewing of Movies on Campus
    Copyright restrictions apply to public showing of movies.  Before showing videos or films on campus for events please read the Movie and Film Viewing Policy below.
    Movie and Film Viewing Policy
  • Request for Serving Beer and Wine

    Registered student clubs and organizations at UAA may distribute beer or wine at registered events by receiving approval from the Dean of Students. To be considered eligible for this approval, clubs/organizations must meet the following minimum criteria:

           1.    Club/organization must be registered by Club Council and in good standing with
                  the University
           2.    Event must be private
           3.    Beer or wine is for distribution only
           4.    Event advertising must not list the serving of beer/wine
           5.    Club/organization advisor must be in attendance for the duration of the event
           6.    Club/organization must complete and submit the UAA Request for Serving Beer
                  and Wine application at least 4 weeks prior to the event date.
           7.    Club/organization must complete the application and submit all requested materials
                  as required by Club Council and the Student Clubs and Greek Life office.

    NOTE: Registered clubs and organizations are required to submit the UAA Request for Serving Beer/Wine and all requested requirements to the Student Clubs and Greek Life office DIRECTLY.  (Do not submit application request to the Dean of Student office or other department).

    Required Documents Checklist
    Beer/Wine Request Form

  • Room and Facility Reservations

    Submit all facility requests to SCGL to make reservations.  Please note that for different rooms/locations fees for facility rental, set-up, clean-up, and other requests may apply.

        Check for space availability:
                Checking for availability inside the Student Union:

        For reserving space outside of the Student Union:
        Event Registration / Facilities Reservation Request Form
                Reserving Rasmuson Hall (In addition to the form above):
                RH User Guidelines and Responsibilities Form

                Reserving Arts 150 (In addition to the form above):
                please email Cedar Cussins at

        For reserving space inside of the Student Union:

         Student Union Facilities Request Form
         Student Union Reservation Request Form-Lyla Richards/Leadership Lab
         Student Union Table Reservation Request Form

  • Social Media Guidelines and Resources

    For advice on starting, maintaining and transitioning your club's social media accounts please read SCGL's: Social Media Guidelines for Clubs

    You may also look at UAA's Social Media advice site:

    A good resource for your social media and branding needs is UAA's Branding Book.  It includes UAA's hashtags, HEX/Pantone/RGB/CMYK numbers for UAA's Green and Gold (so you can get the exact color UAA uses), official UAA fonts, additional advice for using social media and much more!  UAA's Branding Book

    If you would like additional help with your social media you can contact one of the Advancement Department's Social Media Specialists' and set up an appointment with them:

  • Student Officer Orientation Refresher (for those who have already taken the SOO but need a reference guide).

    To take the Student Officer Orientation (SOO) go here.

    For a condensed version of the SOO Slideshow go here.

    For a simple take-a-way sheet go here.

In order to view PDF files on your computer, you must have a PDF reader program installed. If you do not already have such a reader, you can download a free reader at Adobe's website: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Software

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