Campus Programming Board

Campus Programming Board
The primary purpose of the Campus Programing Board is to expand on campus opportunities for students, to develop leadership, and contribute to campus-wide programming efforts.

The mission of the Campus Programming Board:

  1. Provide a vehicle for students' programming efforts that complement and expand the number and variety of activities presented by other campus entities;
  2. Work with existing programming units to help advocate for and promote all student programming efforts and interests;
  3. Work with UAA student organizations and individual students to ensure a broad, coordinated schedule of successful, student led on campus programs;
  4. Be the primary vehicle for developing and presenting activities for students during Homecoming and Winterfest. The Campus Programming Board will also be encourage to provide major assistance to Campus Kick-Off planning and execution.

For more information, or to join Campus Programming Board,
email or call 786-1215.


2015-2016 CPB Student Members

Board Chair Lyle Moore-Kroll
Board Assistant Chair Not Filled
Publicity Chair Not Filled
Club Council Representative Not Filled
Greek Life Representative Not Filled
USUAA Representative Not Filled
Multicultural Center Representative Not Filled
Student Union (SUCSS) Representative Not Filled
Student Body Representative Not Filled
Student Body Representative Not Filled
Department Outreach Not Filled
Treasurer Not Filled
Alumni Relations Representative Not Filled
Staff Advisors Paula Fish &
Rachel Kampstra
If you are interested in planning Homecoming, contact Lyle

Everyone is welcome!