Green Fee

Green FEE BOARD MEETs Fridays AT 12:00PM IN THE STudent life & leadership Conference room (SU218).

Call 786-1210 to confirm an upcoming meeting.

What is the Green Fee?
The Green Fee is a $3 fee paid by students attending the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA). The fee promotes sustainability efforts throughout the campus community by funding initiatives defined by environmental stewardship, economic pragmatism, and social responsibility. Green-Fee-Logo-Stamp-Gradient-Version_2
What is the Green Fee Board?
The Green Fee Board is composed of UAA students, faculty, and/or staff, and is tasked with ensuring responsible disbursement of Green Fee funds. Spring 2015 changes to USUAA's governance structure have modified the way members of the Green Fee Board are selected. Five of seven student seats will be elected during USUAA General Elections in the fall and spring semesters. The two remaining seats will shall be reserved for appointees of the USUAA Assembly. Additionally, two non-voting faculty or staff advisors will serve on the board. As a result of these changes, an interim board will be appointed by the USUAA President. To be considered on this board, please visit the USUAA Presidential Appointments webpage.
Am I eligible for a Green Fee grant? Any student at UAA taking 3 credits or more at the Goose Lake campus is eligible. Click HERE to apply! If I don't have time or resources to work on a project, how can I help?
You can: 
1. Contribute to discussions on sustainability on the Green Fee Facebook page
2. Share your green ideas through this form.
3. Apply to join the Green Fee Board. 
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