Media Board

Comprised of students, faculty and staff, the University of Alaska Anchorage Media Board is the governing body that oversees the student media organizations, The Northern Light and KRUA 88.1FM.

The board is an authority established by the Union of Students' constitution to maintain professional standards of achievement in student media and hold accountable the student fee-funded organizations.

The board selects the managers for KRUA 88.1 FM and The Northern Light, approves media policies and budgets, and serves as an advocate for student media at UAA. 


The UAA Media Board meets at least three times per semester. Media Board meetings are free and open to the public. Minutes are taken and made available online

Defining "Student Media"

Student Media, overseen by the UAA Media Board, provides the unversity and community with a student perspective of events and activities of the university, community and nation.

The organizations of Student Media are free of censorship and advance approval of content. Editors, managers and directors are free to develop their own managerial policies and content, sanctioned by Freedom of the Press as guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and by the Constitution of the State of Alaska. This freedom may not be impeded nor interfered with by the University of any of its agents, staff, faculty or administrators.

Advisors shall not be held responsible legally or financially for the content or editorial decisions of any student media.  

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