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USUAA Student Government provides opportunities to develop leadership and advocacy skills while representing student interests and needs. USUAA members make a difference on campus by giving input on policies, procedures, and programs. USUAA helps coordinate several campus activities to build a broader sense of community and belonging at the university. You can serve on boards, committees, and special task groups that help make policy decisions and recommendations which affect students, faculty, and administration. 

By becoming involved with Student Government, you will increase personal growth, learn how to work together in teams, gain problem solving skills, and practice citizenship through community engagement and advocacy.


APRIl 3-4, 2018

Open Positions:


President: The USUAA President serves a one‐year term beginning April 27, 2018. The President acts as the official spokesperson for USUAA Student Government and provides leadership, support, and direction for USUAAStudent Government as an organization. In this role, the President appoints numerous student representatives toserve on boards and committees within the University to offer student voice and opinion. He or she holdsauthority to approve or veto Assembly legislation and will work in conjunction with the Interim Associate Directorfor Student Leadership to supervise all paid USUAA employees.


Vice President: The USUAA Vice President serves a one‐year term beginning April 27, 2018. The Vice President supports all members of USUAA Student Government by providing programs, resources, and leadership opportunities. The Vice President attends all Assembly meetings and votes only in case of a tie. Should the President resign, be impeached, be recalled, or become unable to perform his or her duties, the Vice President assumes the role of President. The Vice‐ President performs the duties of the President in temporary absence or inability of the President. The Vice President will serve as an ex‐officio member of all committees of the Assembly.


Senator: USUAA Senators are elected to represent the diversity of student experiences at UAA. USUAA Senators hold
voting power on the USUAA Assembly and may author or sponsor legislation to record official feedback, funding
allocation, or amendments on behalf of the student body. Each USUAA Senator will be assigned to two standing
committees. Committees meet weekly for 1 to 1 1⁄2 hours and include Activities, Student and Academic Affairs,
Rules, Finance, Legislative Affairs, and Executive. All USUAA Senators are required to hold two hours/week in
the USUAA office, scheduled at times when the Senator is available to meet with students, work on projects, and
perform essential duties of this office. These hours must be scheduled outside of committee or other meetings.


Concert Board Member: Concert Board is an official UAA student organization funded by student fees whose primary mission is to bring nationally known musicians, entertainers, and performers to UAA. The Board is comprised of seven UAA student volunteers. Five board members are elected students and two members are appointed. The students on the Board engage in all aspects of event production and promotion. Board members attend weekly
meetings and have additional responsibilities according the Concert Board Constitution and Bylaws.
Media Board Member: Media Board oversees and provides support for all major media outlets at UAA including The Northern Light student newspaper and KRUA, the student radio station. The Board and its members review the media student fee and have sole authority of the allocation for this fee line. The Media Board is composed of two students
elected at large from the media fee paying students at UAA, one student member appointed by the President
of USUAA, one student appointed by the Chair of the Journalism & Public Communications Department, one
advisor from each of the student media, and one member of the Anchorage professional media community
who is an Alumnus of UAA.
Green Fee Board Member: The purpose of the Green Fee Board is to promote sustainability efforts that are environmentally wise, economically sound, and socially responsible through student-led initiatives, outreach programs, and sustainability projects intended to benefit the student body at UAA. The Board is tasked with ensuring
responsible disbursement of Green Fee funds (The Green Fee is a $3 fee paid by students taking 3 credits or
more in the Anchorage campus, collected fall and spring only).




Ticket # 1  - Alec Burris/Geser Bat-Erdene 

Ticket # 2 - Jada Caudel/IntiMayo Harbison


Ankhbayar Batkhurel 

Clare Baldwin

Zachary Christy

Alex Jorgensen

Rose Kruger

Joe Longuevan

Radames Bradley Mercado-Barbosa

Manal Sharife

Nathaniel (Shoya) Watanabe

Teresa Wrobel

Concert Board:

Cody Herron-Webb





Eligibility Requirements:

  • Enrolled in at least 3 credits at the University of Alaska Anchorage.
  • A current minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Students with no established GPA, or a GPA that is between 2.5 and 2.0 can join USUAA under a probationary status. After one semester of membership, the student must meet the required 2.5 GPA or be dismissed from the assembly. If a student falls under a 2.0 GPA, they will not be eligible for probation and will be dismissed from the assembly.

Interested individuals should demonstrate the following characteristics:
  • Communicate and cooperate effectively with a wide range of people
  • Apply strong analytical thinking to policy issues
  • Ability to reach consensus on complex issues
  • Abstract thinking and the ability to see the 'big picture'
  • Confidence to interact with various UAA and non-UAA people and entities
  • Willingness to take a public role
  • Readiness to devote large amounts of time and energy

Presidential Appointments

Not interested in joining to USUAA Assembly, but still want to get involved on campus? Apply for a Presidential Appointment to join other UAA related committees, boards, or special task-forces. A list of available appointments can be found here. Email the USUAA President at for more details.

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