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Preamble to the USUAA Constitution

"We, the members of the Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage, in order to represent student interests, needs, and welfare within the university community; to supplement and complement education on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus; to provide for the expression of student opinion and interests to the community at large; to protect the rights of the students herein stated; and to promote an understanding of the concept of self‐governance, do affirm and establish this Constitution of the Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage."

To these ends, USUAA has three strategic priorities that guide the work that it does: Service, Advocacy, and Self-Governance.


Little Black Dress Doesn't Mean Yes
Thanksgiving Feast
Senshido Self Defense

USUAA is dedicated to serving both the UAA student body and the UAA community. As a fee-based organization, USUAA has a duty to contribute, through means such as events and services, to the UAA community. In this pursuit, several events have begun yearly endeavors such as:

To learn more about the service work that USUAA does, please see Past Accomplishments.


Chat with the Chancellor
Cutting Smart
Meet the Mayor

Advocating on behalf of the student body is a priority of USUAA. From the level of student initiatives to Board of Regents policy, USUAA communicates the student perspective and represents their best interests. To ensure the best representation, USUAA hosts yearly events such as:

  • Meet the Mayor
  • Ask Me Anything (formerly known as Chat with the Chancellor)
  • Juneau Advocacy Trip

To view a full list of the advocacy activities of USUAA, please see Past Accomplishments.


 USUAA Meeting
 Cutting Smart
 Swearing In

Self-governance is a key principle of student government at any university. At UAA, USUAA functions within a reasonable level of autonomy and is led by students. To learn about the structure and individuals that compose USUAA, please see Who We Are. As a student governance organization, USUAA provides many opportunities for students to gain leadership experience such as:

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