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The UAA Mapworks program ended on June 30, 2017.  The program started on campus in 2010 and helped this campus identify and retain struggling students for seven years. Please contact the Student Affairs Assessment Office to inquire about past Mapworks programming, data and reports: 

What is Mapworks?

Mapworks is a student success and retention tool linking students with the individualized resources they need, when they need them. By taking just two surveys per semester, Mapworks at UAA can assist first and second year students in getting connected to useful resources on campus. The platform uses predictive analytics and innovative student inventory surveys to make informed predictions about individual student needs. Mapworks pairs meaningful Banner information (e.g., high school GPA, demographic information, and entrance test scores) with student responses from a set of voluntary, comprehensive success and persistence surveys. The Mapworks algorithm takes the Banner and survey response data and provides staff and faculty with remarkable insights into individual students' college-going experiences and their propensity for success.

  • Improve students ability to academically succeed in college
  • Increase students chances of successfully graduating 
  • Introduce students to peers, faculty and staff who can assist students transition to college life
  • Connect students to the amazing resources available to them across campus 


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