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Exciting change coming for the Fall 2021 semester!! Current active duty service members, reserves, and national guard members are now eligible for tuition to be capped at $250 per credit maximum and have all students fees waived*

*Does not apply to course or lab fees. *Does not apply to graduate tuition. *Does not apply to dependents


 University of Alaska Anchorage Small Seawolf Bootcamp Logo

Seawolf Boot Camp is a faculty and staff training program designed to familiarize the UAA community with the Military/Veteran student experience so that we may better serve those who served. In Seawolf Boot Camp participants will learn information about the military & veteran culture, challenges they face, VA Benefits, how to build a military & veteran friendly environment, and resources available.

Training will result in participants receiving a Seawolf Boot Camp T-shirt, decal, & magnet. These items serve two purposes. First, they are a reward for faculty and staff for making the effort to become better informed on the issues faced by this large student population. Second, and more importantly, when these items are seen by students, faculty and staff, it signifies that the individual displaying them has made the effort to learn about this student experience and as a result is better equipped to support and assist our military and veteran students.

Interested in scheduling a Seawolf Boot Camp for your department? Workshops can be tailored to meet your staff and faculty needs. Let us know what topics you are interested in learning more about.

University of Alaska Anchorage Veterans Work Here Logo

UAA is proud to recognize the veterans that work here as staff and faculty. If you or someone in your office has served, come pick up a sticker to display in your office. This also lets our students know that they are in the company of other veterans.

Thank you for your service!