Are you registered to vote?

The next election will be the Anchorage Municipal Election on April 7th, 2015. In this election you will be voting on School Board Members and the next Mayor of Anchorage. The last day to register to vote in this election is March 7th, 2015. *In order to vote in this election you MUST be an Anchorage resident and be registered to vote 30 days prior to election day.*

Are you eligible to vote?

To register in Alaska you must:

  • Be a citizen of the United States;
  • Turn 18 years of age, 90 days prior the election;
  • Not be a convicted felon (unless conditionally discharged);
  • Not be registered to vote in another state;
  • Be a resident of Alaska.

To register you have 3 options:

  • On-line form - You will need to take the required identification with you when you vote. 
  • Download form - You will need to include a photocopy of the required identification when you mail in the form. 
  • Register in person at the Student Union Information Desk, call for questions about voter registration at 786-1204. 



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