UAA Department of Theatre and Dance proudly presents its acclaimed Dance Ensemble in Concert featuring the eight-member company performing in an evening of new choreographic works by faculty members Brian Jeffery and Leslie Kimiko Ward, in addition to student choreographers Stephanie Wonchala and Heather Richardson.

UAA Dance Ensemble artistic director Brian Jeffery offers “Tracing Graphite Boundaries.” For this premier, the performers navigate actions of contained restraint alternating with abruptly outward dynamics to reveal sketches of movement pushing through the performance space. The choreography is supported with a musical soundscape by Jon Hopkins, Yo La Tengo, Polmo Polpo and Fridge.

In her latest work, “Touch,” choreographer Leslie Kimiko Ward explores the vital resonance of personal contact in this age of technology. “We are quickly becoming a culture that touches screens and keyboards more often than the skin of those we love. Video conferencing and hand sanitizer are clear indicators of a disheartening trend towards physical isolation.” Set to haunting, fluid melodies by David Darling and Marketa Irglova, dancers reveal a host of contexts where touch thrives throughout their movement phrases.

Three diverse choreographers will also be showcased performing in new solo works that feature their unique movement aesthetic. Kimiko Ward is one of Anchorage’s most accomplished dance artists and is often noted for her richly detailed and nuanced choreography. Stephanie Wonchala and Heather Richardson are two of UAA Dance Programs most passionate and accomplished performers. Wonchala’s work is marked by her powerful precision, both sharp and punctuated. Richardson’s dancing is always memorable for her intricate fluidity at once delicate and lyrical.
Dance Ensemble in Concert 2009
Performed: Fall 2009

Performed By: UAA Dance Ensemble

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