Hot 'N' Throbbing

By Paula Vogel

Directed by Dan Anteau

UAA Mainstage Theatre

October 5 – October 21, 2012

A gripping play written by Pulitzer Prize-winnin author, Paula Vogel, takes a real and surrealistic look into domestic violence and the pervasiveness of sexuality in mainstream culture.  This play pits Charlene Dwyer, now divorced; trying to support her two children by writing erotic screenplays against Clyde who can barely accept the fact his ex-wife doesn't need him, even though it was his abuse and alcoholism that drove her away.  Toss in hormonally overcharged teenagers, and then layer on a screenplay deadline that Charlene desperately tries to meet, and you have Hot 'N' Throbbing.  This play is for mature audiences who can expect to be amused, saddened and left with plenty to talk about on the way home. 


Hot 'N' Throbbing promo video

Hot 'N' Throbbing

Written By: Paula Vogel

Directed by: Daniel J. Anteau