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  • New Dances 2013
  • New Dances 2013

This annual and popular event offers new choreography by UAA Dance program students, faculty, and guest artists.

April 12-21, 2013 - Fri/Sat 8pm, Sun 6pm -UAA Mainstage Theatre, Fine Arts 220

ANCHORAGE – 50 performers go bounding forth into spring as they showcase diversity in both choreographic styles and ideas in 11 choreographers' newest works.

Celebrated performer, musician and choreographer Nicholas Young has created "Robert Boyle" for seven members of UAA Dance Ensemble. Young is based in New York and currently in his 9th year as a performer with the off Broadway production of "STOMP" and has worked with numerous tap companies such as Manhattan Tap, Rumba Tap, Hoofin to Hittin with Jared Grimes, and Dorrance Dance. He has also been a featured percussionist with Cyro Baptista's fusion Brazilian ensemble Beat the Donkey, as well as drummer for Darwin Deez on their local and world tours. "Robert Boyle" is an exploration of movement and music that plays with the ideas of creating and reacting to sound waves and how they might be interpreted by the body. Working as both the instrument and the reaction, an invisible field of waves moves throughout the piece and is captured, thrown, manipulated, and eventually tamed into a percussive demonstration by the dancers. Robert Boyle discovered that sound waves must travel in a medium (1660) and this lead to the concept that sound is a pressure change. Sound waves must travel in a medium. Our medium is movement.

UAA Dance Program faculty Katherine Kramer offers "via Brubeck" a jazz and tap tribute to the late and legendary jazz innovator, Dave Brubeck, whose music pushed cool jazz into challenging time signatures. Three music compositions are highlighted, "Unsquare Dance," "Take Five" and "Bru's Boogie Woogie," as dancers interact with film footage featuring iconic dance sequences that span the past 80 years. UAA faculty Brian Jeffery spins his new work, "Falling Together Pushing Apart," on the members of UAA Dance Ensemble, punctuated by dynamic partnering interactions and sketches of movement that challenges the boundaries of the performance space to the sounds of Apparat and Polmo Polmo.

UAA Department of Theatre and Dance will present "Robert Boyle," "via Brubreck," and "Falling Together Pushing Apart" by these three veteran choreographers along with eight other premiers by UAA student and local choreographers as part of New Dances 2013, April 12-21 at the UAA Mainstage Theatre in the UAA Fine Arts Building.

Several local choreographers and UAA alumni are among this year's featured choreographers. Pulse Dance Company director Stephanie Wonchala offers the exuberantly playful "Enter the Heat." This high-octane, mega-fun, shake what mama gave ya dance invites you to trek the tropics, ride a pony, take a swim, and have a great time with a dozen dynamic dancers moving to the infectious beats of Baauer.

Visual artist and choreographer Ruby Kennell offers an ominous yet mesmerizing multimedia performance work loaded with metaphor and featuring original video projections. Microscopic organisms, daily functions of society, and the outer limits of the cosmos all collide through Kennell's collaborations with writer Meg Fowler and local musician Evan Phillips.

Becky Kendall, director of Momentum Dance Collective, draws on imagery of the raven, the trickster, and the gateway between waking and dreaming for "The Closing Door," with movements brought to life by musician and composer Richard Beltzer, whose melancholy violin opens a world of mysticism and curiosity, as he sweeps through the stage with his live string accompaniment.

Additional work by UAA Dance Program outstanding student choreographers will include Maisie Stewart's "Cubed Perception," Teresa Liu's duet with Christopher Branche "Flight and Other Inspirations," Creacy Boggess' "Conflicts of Love," and Bonnie Moring's quintet "…by choice."

Media note: For more information about New Dances 2013 or to arrange interviews with members of the cast and/or choreographers, contact Brian Jeffery at 786-1688 or bjefferyx@yahoo.com.

For other questions about the UAA Department of Theatre and Dance, contact the main department office at 786-1792


New Dances 2013

Performed: Spring 2013
Directed by: Brian Jeffery

New Dances 2013 Program