Advising Steps

The Transportation & Power Division is committed to helping students successfully navigate the university’s academic environment.

The division works closely with the majors advisor at the Community & Technical College (CTC) Advising Center. The CTC Advising Center serves students pursuing CTC certificates, associate degrees, and bachelor's degrees. The center also serves all UAA students enrolled in preparatory and developmental courses.

First-year CTC majors should begin the advising process at the center. Upon completion of their general education requirements, students transition to their program’s faculty advisor.

All students are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor each semester for the purpose of reviewing their academic progress and planning future courses. It is particularly important for students to meet with their advisor whenever academic difficulties arise.

Faculty Advisors

Students should consult the faculty in their program for assistance in designing their course of study to ensure all prerequisites have been met and that university and major degree requirements are understood and followed.

Certain courses require prerequisites or faculty permission. Please call the numbers listed below to schedule an appointment with a faculty advisor in your program.

Automotive Technology and Heavy Duty Transportation & Equipment
Kelly Smith, Director
ADT 202 | P: 907.786.1463

Welding & Nondestructive Technology
Eli Van Ringelenstein, Instructor
GHH 111B | 907.786.6477

Program Outcomes

Program student learning outcomes describe the knowledge, abilities, values, and/or attitudes students should be able to demonstrate following successful completion of a UAA certificate or degree program.