The Upward Bound program (UB) serves students in 9-12th grades in East, West and Bartlett High Schools in the Anchorage School District.  UB prepares students to successfully complete high school & enroll in post-secondary education.  The program emphasizes academic preparation in science, math, language, culture and literature by providing academic advising, career exploration, study skills tutoring, college planning, college tours, cultural enrichment experiences and more.  The program also emphasizes academic preparation in science, math, language and literature.

UB students attend a six-week, highly challenging academic summer program on the UAA campus.  Students who have graduated from high school and intend to enroll in college in the Fall may participate in a Summer Bridging component where they enroll and earn credit in college courses designed to aid their transition to college.

UB is part of the federally funded TRiO program, an educational opportunity program whose purpose is to help first generation potential college students, low-income and disabled students enter a program of post-secondary education. 

Upward Bound is a fully funded TRiO Program of the U.S. Department of Education in the amount of $250,000.00 annually.  Sec 402F Higher Education Act of 1965 SEC.402F.20 U.S.C. 107a-16

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