An up to date list of commonly asked questions and answers regarding the UA Scholarship.


What is the Award amount and term?

The UA Scholars Award is a $12,000 scholarship to the University of Alaska. Recipients will receive $1500 per semester for a total of eight semesters or within five years after the Scholars graduation from high school, as long as they maintain eligibility. The UA Scholars Award is not tied to the cost of tuition. 


Is the UA Scholars Award a full-ride scholarship?

The UA Scholars Award is not a full-ride scholarship; however, the award goes a long way toward the cost of an education at the University of Alaska. Each semester you attend UAA, you receive $1500 to help cover your educational expenses.


Does the Award expire?

The UA Scholars Award expires under any of the following conditions:

  • You fail to meet the May 1st application for admission deadline to accept the Award
  • You miss more than two semesters of enrollment after your high school graduation
  • You have been paid the entire amount of the Award
  • You fail to uphold the 'Obligations of the Scholar' as stated in the Program Information Booklet

What must I do to maintain good academic standing?

In order to maintain good academic standing and remain eligible for the UA Scholars Award, a Scholar must:

  • Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5
  • Maintain full-time enrollment status (12 or more credits) during each fall and spring semester
  • Complete 24 credits during the first academic year; and
  • Complete 30 credits each academic year thereafter until the Award has concluded
  • Make satisfactory academic progress toward completion of a certificate or degree program
  • Meet the UA Student Code of Conduct (Board of Regents policy 09.02.02 and University Regulation 09.02.020)



Can I take a semester off after I've started attending the University?

Yes, You can take up to two consecutive or nonconsecutive semesters off at anytime after you have begun attending the University and still receive your UA Scholars Award. The Scholars leave of absence is considered any fall or spring semester for which you do not receive an Award payment.  If you are gone for three or more semesters without an approved extended leave of absence from the Program Administrator of the Scholars Program, your award will expire. The Program Administrator authorizes all requests for reconsideration, extended leave, or any other determinations required by the Scholars Program.


How is my Award paid to me?

Your Award will post to your student account approximately one week before classes begin, as long as you are accepted into a degree program and enrolled as a full-time student. Additionally, you must maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 and remain in good academic standing.  


Is New Student Orientation mandatory?

Yes. According to Section 7, Part B of the University of Alaska Scholars Program Information Booklet, scholars must participate in any mandatory orientation or program required by the campus. Your first days at UAA set the tone for your entire college career so we want to make sure your first experiences are welcoming, fun, and productive through our orientation program called, "HOWL Days." If you are a first year student, sign up at or call 907-786-1224. 


What if I have other funds?

Your UA Scholars Award may be used in combination with most other funding sources. If you have other funding from the UA College Savings Plan, additional scholarship(s) or financial aid, you may be reimbursed for overpayment if you have met your obligations to the University for the semester. Contact the Financial Aid Office if you have questions regarding specific funding sources.


Can I use my award on a qualified exchange program?

Yes, after you complete one year at a UA campus. For more information on exchange programs, contact Adam Bryant at 907-786-6188 or email


Can I use the Award during the summer term?

In order to receive a payment during the summer term, you must also have been enrolled and received a distribution from your Award during the preceding spring semester. Additionally, you must enroll full-time during the summer term in order to be eligible to use the Award, and submit a Summer Revision Form to the Financial Aid Office. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 907-786-1586 if you plan on using your Award for the summer term.


Does my UA Scholar Award work in conjunction with the Alaska Performance Scholarship?

Yes. However, in some cases the amount of the Alaska Performance Scholarship (APS) award may be reduced. The APS amount may not exceed an award recipient's unmet costs of attendance after all other non-loan aid a recipient is eligible for has been applied. The sum of all other aid for which a student is eligible (including your UA Scholars Award) will be deducted from the cost of attendance before the APS is applied. Visit for more information.