Accreditation Steering Committee Purpose

Institutional accreditation is overseen by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and the Assistant Vice Provost/Accreditation Liaison Officer is responsible for the ongoing communications with and reporting to the NWCCU. OAA reviewed this structure in Fall 2013 and, because much of the ongoing work with the NWCCU relates to academic programs, it was decided that accreditation should remain where it is currently housed. However, the new accreditation process, which focuses on mission fulfillment, also relies heavily on the work of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness and the institution as a whole.

To ensure broad institutional participation and sustainability of the accreditation process, UAA has created an advisory group, co-chaired by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and the Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness.

The Accreditation Steering Committee is advisory and will:

  1. Provide oversight and guidance regarding the institution's overall approach to accreditation.
  2. Ensure and guide internal and external communication to keep the campuses and communities informed of and engaged in the accreditation processes.
  3. Review the Core Themes and indicators in the context of the standards for accreditation and ensure their alignment with UAA goals and objectives.
  4. Review progress toward mission fulfillment and report areas of success and of concern.

Accreditation Steering Committee Membership

Susan Kalina, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Co-Chair

Renee Carter-Chapman, Senior Vice Provost for Institutional Effectiveness, Co-Chair

Jeane Breinig, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor, Alaska Natives and Diversity, and Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Jennifer Brock, Associate Professor, College of Engineering

Thomas Dalrymple, Assistant Professor, Kenai Peninsula College

Dawn Dooley, Associate Dean of Students, Student Affairs

Bogdan Hoanca, Professor, College of Business & Public Policy

Ron Kamahele, Director, Human Resource Services, Administrative Services

Denise Runge, Assistant Director, Prince William Sound College

Melodee Monson, Business Manager, Human Services Department, College of Health

Megan Olson, Vice Chancellor of University Advancement

Vacant, Student Representative, USUAA

Senior Consultants to the Committee

Megan Carlson, Assistant Vice Provost and Accreditation Liaison Officer

Erin Holmes, Associate Vice Provost for Institutional Research


Committee Support

Vice Provost's Office, Academic Affairs

To review meeting materials, please visit the