Academic Policy

The Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs (OUAA) assists with new or revised academic policy needs for the institution and communicates many academic policies critical to internal and external compliance. 

Academic policy archives and policy forms are housed on the Office of the Provost's Website.


Academic Policy Advisory Committee

The Academic Policy Advisory Committee (APAC) analyzes current academic policy-related issues, reviews the effectiveness of existing academic policies, and recommends improvements for consideration by the appropriate governance groups.

For more information about APAC, visit the APAC website.


NWCCU Related Policies

Credit Hour Review Process
A subcommittee of the faculty Undergraduate Academic Board and Graduate Academic Board was created in AY14 to look at UAA's credit hour policy and to determine if any gaps in compliance with the NWCCU Credit Hour Policy exist.

The subcommittee recommended an institutional-level credit hour review process, which was piloted during AY15.

Student Complaint Policy
During AY15, the Academic Policy Advisory Committee and Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs worked to ensure that UAA's processes for addressing student complaints complied with the NWCCU Student Complaint Policy, as well as other federal regulations related to student complaints. After meeting with various stakeholders on campus, two proposals were developed. The first was to create a central student complaint website, a resource for students that provides them with information on policies and directs them to the appropriate office for help. The second proposal was to develop a central student complaint tracking sheet, which would allow UAA to collect general information on complaints at the institutional level.  


Policy Feedback


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