Union of Student at the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA)

Purpose of USUAA

The purpose of USUAA is to broaden the educational perspective of the students by instituting a structure of self governance. USUAA promote the educational needs, general welfare, and rights of the students. Serve as a forum for students to express their ideas for enhancing the quality of their educational experience through expanded and improved communications among students, faculty, administration, and beyond.  USUAA formulates policies and procedures for student life, and serve students equally.


All full-time and part-time University of Alaska Anchorage students who pay the student government fee are members of USUAA with all rights, privileges, and responsibilities in any activities to which the authority of the USUAA Constitution extends. 

Student Government Fee

The student government fee is $1 per credit hour for students registered in three or more credits (up to 12); collected each semester including summer. The fee supports student advocacy for academic, student, and legislative affairs, USUAA activities, Graduate Student Association, Club Council, legal services, the Student Ombudsman, Student Travel Scholarship, Student Leadership Scholarship, and operating expenses.


Legislative Branch

The USUAA Assembly includes the student body President and Vice President, 23 elected Student Senators, and one representative from Club Council, Greek Council, Residence Hall Association, and the Graduate Student Association. Senators and Representatives write legislation and provide programs that affect all aspects of the college experience.

Executive Branch: President and Vice President

The USUAA President and Vice President are elected by the student body in the spring general election. The president is the official spokesperson and appoints student representatives to serve on boards and ad-hoc committees. The executives provide direction for the organization and works closely with the speaker of the assembly to guide and support the members of the Assembly.

Judicial Branch: Rules Committee

The USUAA President appoints five members of the Assembly to serve on the Rules Committee.  This committee is appointed to resolve procedural, legislative, ethical, and constitutional questions and matters related to the legality and jurisdiction of the USUAA Constitution and Bylaws. Rules committee monitors attendance records, develop standing rules for the Assembly, and assign Assembly members to committees. Also, the committee reviews violation reports submitted against any member of the USUAA Assembly and is responsible for recommending disciplinary sanctions in accordance to the USUAA Constitution and Bylaws.

Violation Form:  If interested in submitting a violation report against any member(s) of the USUAA Assembly, submit the form to the USUAA Administrative Assistant in Student Life & Leadership, Student Union room 218.