USUAA Assembly


Assembly meetings are Fridays at 3pm while classes are in session (fall/spring)

JOIN US and learn about student government or voice your concerns and/or questions

The USUAA Assembly is comprised of 23 elected Senators and four (4) Representatives from Club Council, Graduate Student Association, Greek Council, and the Residence Hall Association. The Assembly is lead by the Speaker of the Assembly, a Senator elected by this body to organize meetings and ensure business is completed. The President, Vice President, Government Relations Director, Public Relations Director, and all USUAA Appointees report to the Assembly.

Senators serve as liaisons and voice the student opinion in all business matters. Representatives are similar to Senators but have been appointed by their respective student organization to represent the specific needs of that student population. Senators and Representatives are responsible for researching, drafting, and voting on legislation dealing with student issues in order to enhance the quality of education and life for both current and future UAA students.

Speaker of the Assembly

WANT TO BE ADDED TO THE AGENDA? Contact the Speaker by 5pm, Wednesday prior to scheduled Assembly meetings, to be added to the agenda for that Friday as a Guest Speaker

All meetings are open and subject to Alaska state law to post 72 hours in advance, this includes any change in dates and/or time.