USUAA Senators

Senators serve as liaisons to the UAA administration and voice student opinion in all business matters. Senators are responsible for researching, drafting, and voting on legislation dealing with student issues in order to enhance the quality of education and life for both current and future UAA students. Senators are elected by the student body during the UAA General Election (in fall and spring) or collect signatures through the Petition Packet process to join the Assembly.

Senators are members of two standing committees within USUAA, which include Activities, Rules, Student and Academic Affairs, Sustainability, Finance, and Legislative Affairs. Each standing committee coordinates programs, events, and activities to carry out USUAA's mission. 


Serving as a USUAA Senator is a honor and responsibility, requiring time and dedication. Students interested in joining USUAA as senators should keep the following expectations in mind:

  • Senators must serve on a minimum of two (2) USUAA Standing Committees, which each meet for approximately one (1) hour weekly
  • Hold at minimum of two (2) office hours per week while classes are in session
  • Attend all USUAA Assembly meetings, held every Friday while class is in session from 3:00-6:00pm
  • Maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA
  • Fulfill four (4) event support hours for any USUAA sponsored event or program, as approved by the Assembly
  • Attend USUAA Retreats, held on one weekend day prior to the start of the semester in the Fall and Spring
  • Have working knowledge of USUAA Constitution and Bylaws
  • Represent the UAA student body ethically

Senator Service Award

Senators receive a service award for their contributions to USUAA and the UAA student body. Awards are given at the end of fall and spring semester.  

To be eligible, senators must

  • Complete the USUAA Leadership Inventory (assessment conducted twice per semester).
  • Have not violated the absence policy as stated in USUAA Bylaws and standing rules
  • Provide documentation to confirm attendance at office hours, which will be regularly verified by the Rules Committee
  • Select a Senator Project and declare it at a regularly scheduled USUAA Assembly meeting
  • Fulfill four (4) event support hours for any USUAA sponsored event or program, as approved by the Assembly
  • Attend the current semester's USUAA Retreat, unless excused by the Rules Committee

Note: To receive the service award, senators must receive a majority vote of confidence from the Assembly.