Travel Grant

undefinedThe Student Travel Grant program was created by the USUAA Travel Board and is funded entirely by student fees. Over the past few years, USUAA along with Club Council noticed a trend whereby students have continually expressed a desire to experience a variety of different leadership opportunities, both in and outside of Alaska. From conference and workshops to service-learning and civic-engagement, the USUAA Travel Board strives to make these opportunities more obtainable to students through offering the opportunity to apply for financial support.

Each student who wishes to apply for a grant must fill out an application. A series of guidelines and restrictions are also outlined in this application packet. Once the student completes all areas of the application and submits it (by the deadlines), the USUAA Travel Board will review the application and make a ruling on the level of financial support to be awarded to the student.

The Travel Board consists of 3 students at large, 2 students selected by the Union of Students and one faculty/staff member (non-voting).  If you are interested in serving on this board contact Hinkley Cahill, Assistant Director for Student Leadership at 786-1371 or e-mail at

  • Applications for fall 2009; beginning and mid semester deadlines will be established at the start of fall semester. Applications will be available in the USUAA Office, Student Union 201, or click here for PDF version of application (coming soon) after deadlines are announced.  
  • Fall 2009 USUAA Student Travel Grant recipients will be announced 10 working days after each deadline.