We live in an information age. Being able to access the information we need is an important part of being an active citizen, a member of a community. Because accessibility of information delivered online is vital, guidelines and standards have been developed. Accessible design helps us meet federal mandates, but also helps us to reach our full audience and honor diversity.


Creating Accessible Content

UAA has an obligation to provide accessible formats for all content. Increase your online searchability. Design your documents, web and video content with Universal Design! Visit UDL On Campus to learn more about Universal Design for Learning in Higher Education.

Accessible Documents

  • Accessible Source Documents (using styles)
  • Accessible PDFs

Audio and Video

  • Universal Subtitles
  • Captioning and Subtitling Video
  • Transcribing Audio

Accessible Forms

  • Making PDF Forms Fillable

Introduction to Assistive Technology