Partnerships Promoting Accessibility at UAA

There are strong connections in and outside the University that have resulted in trainings, opportunities for students, and important evaluation activities.


The WebPros are a group of professionals from Information Technology, University Advancement, and Disability Support Services who work to promote best practices through policy development, weekly site reviews, and enhancements to the web offerings.

National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)


UAA is an affiliate in the international effort to foster inclusive environments by reducing or eliminating discrimiation.

The UAA NCBI team includes students, staff, and faculty from across our campuses. Elements of NCBI are infused into efforts such as New Student Orientation and there are a variety of workshops and other events that are available to individuals across and throughout our community.

Learn more at the NCBI page of the Campus Diversity and Compliance website:

College Access Project for Rural Alaska (CAPRA)


College Access Project for Rural Alaska was a partnership between the UAA Center for Human Development and Disability Support Services, this effort was funded through the Office of Postsecondary Education as a demonstration project to improve educational outcomes for students with disabilities.

A train the trainer model was deployed on the smaller campuses of UAA to promote universal design and awareness of assistive technologies.

In an effort to focus on sustainability during the final no-cost extension, comprehensive training materials were developed that can now be found in the Training area of this site. Materials include:

  • Quick Tip Brochures on Universal Design, PDF and Video Accessibility, and more
  • Videos that show step by step instructions for improving content usability

Disability, Opportunity, Internetworking and Technology (DO-IT)

DOITUAA has partnered on projects through DO-IT including AccessSTEM and AccessComputing each of which is aimed at increasing the numbers of students with disabilities in particular fields.

We have also benefited from awareness building kits with videos and handouts to share with faculty and staff. These kits have been made available on all the campuses of UAA.  

The collaboration has produced joint newsletters, training events, and even paid internships for students.

Learn more about the work of Disability, Opportunity, Internetworking, and Technology by visiting