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Sometimes students need flexibility in order to be succesful, even students who are very bright, very serious, and very capable.

There are many life roles and life situations that can produce scenarios in which course flexibility is the difference between a student failing to succeed and a student learning and moving forward. Examples of student situations to be aware of include but are not limited to:

Working Parents - may have a childcare emergency or a sudden change in schedule

Students with Chronic Health Conditions - may have flare-ups that are unpredictable

Student Veterans - may be in a state of transition, working through medical and VA appointments, possibly dealing with newly acquired disabilities but not necessarily using the accommodation process.

It is essential to consider how learners will demonstrate mastery and provide flexibility whenever possible to give students options while maintaining high standards. Looking at course components such as attendance policies, grading policies, and opportunities for earning extra credit are all important for a variety of student needs.

Many Course Facilitators are also Content Creators

Tutorials are available to guide content creators through the design of materials using best practices

  • Making PDF more accessible
  • Making Forms Fillable
  • Captioning and/or Subtitling Video
  • Making websites compliant
It is often also helpful for those who are designing content to learn more about user experiences.

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Individualized feedback is available and department workshops can be arranged - contact aydss@uaa.alaska.edu.  

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Additional Resources (sites will open in new window)

DO-IT Faculty Page: http://www.washington.edu/doit/Faculty/Strategies/Universal

Faculty Ware from University of Connecticut, Center on Postsecondary Education and Disability: http://www.facultyware.uconn.edu

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