How to Become a Member!!!

logoWelcome to ANPsych!!! 

The primary purpose of ANPsych is to increase the number of Alaska Native and American Indian psychologists and other behavioral health professionals.  If you fall into this category then you can consider yourself an instant member. 

ANPsych is a collaborative program with the University of Alaska Anchorage and the University of Fairbanks which makes it possible for students to be members at either campus. 

ANPysch encourages its members to take advantage of engaging themselves through the opportunities provided including:  potlucks, tutoring/study hours, and other activities hosted by the ANPsych programs on each campus. 

If you are interested in participating, please keep a look out for flyers containing opportunities with the ANPsych logo OR you may stop by the UAA- ANPsych campus coordinators office located at the CAS building room 215 OR email at and provide your contact information.  You will be added to the ANPsych mail list to receive regular updates.